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How to Clean Carpets

Carpets are home essentials with many uses and advantages that make it a must-have in every home. The main purpose of it is to provide additional warmth inside a home. It blocks cold from the floor with its thick layers, keeping the feet warm and safe. Another thing, carpets are effective house designs. If you think your home still lacks additional detail or color, carpets can do the work. Besides, there are thousands of designs and characteristics that you can choose from in the market both online and not. Also, it comes in different sizes, colors, and textures. There are carpets made of rubber, leather, cotton, fabric, and many more.

Moreover, carpets are not designed only for a floor; it can be put on a staircase. This cuts the possibility of having accidents such as being slipped or tumbled down it. However, carpets are not for long-time usages. Given that it is used and stepped on every day, dirt and harmful materials can also get into it. There may be lots of suggested ways to clean a carpet but not all the time, it works.

The following methods are a few ways that you can try to clean a carpet effectively if that’s the case. These methods to mention are guaranteed safe, budget-friendly, and effective.

Method 1: Cleaning the Carpet by Hand

The first method is cleaning the carpet by hand. This is the most ideal and applicable way, especially if you don’t have enough money to rent or buy a steam cleaner. Besides, relying too much on technological ways does not guarantee effective and high-quality results. This is because defects can happen, and when an immediate response is not provided, further problems might happen. Despite that, your carpet can still get cleaned without spending a lot of money on a steam cleaner or other service. The following homemade methods to clean your carpet are solutions made for great work in deodorizing, removal of stains, and cleaning.

If you have a large section or the whole carpet to clean, using baseboards to clean it is a great opportunity. Using this can help you avoid having back pain and stiff from too much bending down on the floor to clean the carpet. Here, you can clean not only your carpet but also your baseboards. Save more time and effort in this way!

Use a Carpet Brush to Agitate the Carpet

Pollutants, soil, and dust can be removed easily off the carpet by using a carpet brush. This brush is made of lightweight yet sturdy materials that guarantee a soft and effective finish in cleaning the carpet. Here you will need to get down on your knees and apply elbow grease to the scrub. You will then start to agitating the carpet.

Afterward, if you are already done with it, and the area is totally clean, running a vacuum on it must be done. In this way, any dirt or remaining pollutants can be cleaned, leaving a safe and clean carpet. This kind of process must be done on a weekly basis. This can help in keeping the carpet look good and clean, not dingy and stinky.

Use Vinegar to Hand Clean the Carpet

If agitating of carpet isn’t what you want, you can now try using vinegar. This is found inside kitchen cabinets, which are used for cooking meals. Its strong acidic taste is good for balancing two flavors in one dish. But behind that, vinegar is also an effective solution to fight against carpets. Also, vinegar is a good choice to help your carpet look and smell wonderful.

So, here are the things that you need:
  • White vinegar
  • Scrub brush
  • Sweat;
  • And a bucket
These materials are guaranteed safe and can be seen inside every home. Vinegar may have a different smell, but it is highly effective. Also, slime can be removed by vinegar in no time easily. This is due to the active properties that vinegar has. This property is seen in how powerful vinegar is in preserving food.

Below is the list to make an effective vinegar carpet cleaner.
  • A bucket
  • Warm water
  • ¼ cup of white vinegar
To begin this solution, you only need to fill the bucket with enough warm water and the vinegar. Mix it for about a minute to make it more effective. Then, take and dip the scrub brush deep into the bucket.

Now, start on scrubbing the carpet one at a time. It is vital to keep patience here, especially that it can take a lot of time. Start from one side, either the left or right, and further work to make it up to the other end. Scrub the solution completely on the carpet and if there is a shortage of the supply, making another bucket is way too simple. Just remember that it mustn’t be saturated, just be normally wet.

If you think that you already did a great job, go now and fill the bucket with some fresh water. Then, dig a clean rag into the bucket. Ring the rug on the carpet to make sure that it is clean. Scrub it lightly to remove excess dirt and pollutants. Lastly, let it dry or put the fan on for it.

Clean the Carpet Manually with Baking Soda

Baking soda is considered as a miracle product since it can be used for everything, such as in baking and cleaning house things. This is the solution that does not require you to pay a lot in exchange for high-quality solutions in a dirty and polluted carpet. It is the most awaited ingredient for cleaning solutions that is so easy to complete and look for. Aside from any stain, baking soda can also help eliminate unpleasant smells in the carpet.

So, when using this solution, enough amounts must be given and provided to the people in need of it. Here, you only need to sprinkle baking soda on the floor or the carpet to make it work. It will also be better if you put it right onto a stain.

Clean the Carpet with Rugs for Hand

If you have several rugs in your home isolated in an old room, getting lots of supplies is easy. With that, you can use it to completely clean your dirty carpets- extracting dirt and pollutants out of it. 

Here is an easy to follow instruction on how you can make your own rug cleaner:
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 cups of water
  • Essential oil
To completely make a clean carpet than before, you first need to vacuum it. This way can help in loosening the dirt and other pollutants within the carpet. Then, take the rug and dip it into the solution. Pat and scrub it onto the area that you want to be cleaned. If there is discoloration, then proceed to hand cleaning it.

Look for a medium-size bowl and mix the ingredients. Dip a brush or just a sponge to begin the scrubbing immediately. Let the solution sit in three minutes and rinse properly with warm water.

Method 2: Cleaning the Carpet by a Machine

Technological advancement has brought lots of changes and improvements in human living. One of that is the technology designed for creating home appliance, especially the washing machine. Many years ago, women will visit a river to wash clothes, and it is risky. Now, used clothes can be inserted easily in a rotating machine which washes and cleans not only the clothes but also a carpet.

Use a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners refer to something that is powerful when it comes to cleaning carpets. It has the quality and assurance that each of us looks for. From its name, steam cleaners use steam to take any dirt, dust, and pollutants not only from carpets but also from other fabric materials in the house, such as clothes, curtains, and sheets. It uses a powerful steam that heats up the dirt for it to be taken easily. You only need to let it run on the carpet. This is the time wherein the steam cleaner will already do its job. 

Furthermore, steam cleaners are way easier to use, lighter, and faster. This is perfect to those people who need an immediate cleaning of carpets. It is also good for a baby’s apparel. Steam cleaners can assure that the things of a baby are safe and free from any contamination.

Use a Washing Machine

If your carpet is only little and can be detached from the floor, then using the washing machine is a must-try. This technology has taught me that life is easier. With it, I do not need to do so much wash carpets by hand. This product of technology is huge and can fit two persons. This is just worth it.

Above all, carpets do essential house materials; that is why it is a must-have. It has a lot of benefits, not to waste. There are lots of methods to choose from in cleaning carpets, but it will depend on how you like it to be.