Remove Human Urine From Carpets

An accident can happen, and the human pee can end up on the carpet. It could be a toddler that has not mastered potty training just as yet, or even an adult that may have had too much to drink. Whatever the case, getting rid of the human urine out of the carpet is essential.

Some people, especially the mothers, may worry too much about the stain and its odor. However, getting rid of the urine stain and the awful smell is not tricky. With a few tools and products, you can easily ensure that your carpet is as spotless as before.

The following are steps that you can use.

Method 1

  • You can pour some lukewarm water on the stain or use a damp towel. The water will dilute the stain and make it easy to clean. 
  • Using the towel, soak up as much water as possible, and apply pressure. Stroke severally to help soak up the water together with the urine. Alternatively, you can use paper towels, but you will need to apply pressure as well. Avoid standing or stamping on the area as a way of applying pressure as you may end up spreading the urine throughout the house. 
  • The soaking method is only applicable if the stain is new and not too much. You will need to try other ways if the urine stain is significant. 

Method 2

  • Locate the spot and blot using paper towels or a wet-dry vacuum. Remove as much urine as possible before going to the next step.
  • Use cold water to rinse the stain and then blot or vacuum any excess water
  • You can then use an enzyme-based product to wet the area and let it sit for about 5 minutes or so. Urine tends to go deeper into the carpet backing. Therefore, it is important to spray a ring, a bit outside the stain. Saturate the carpet and pad below it. 
  • You can then allow the area to dry on its own and then use a vacuum cleaner. You can repeat the process if the stain is still present, or the odor is still apparent. 
  • Most people are sometimes too hasty to spray the enzyme-based product and remove it. However, you should allow the product sufficient time to work. 

Method 3

  • This is a traditional method that works effectively with fresh urine stains. You will need to work fast and apply the salt on the stain before it dries.
  • If the stain has already dried, add some bit of warm water before adding the salt. 
  • Add a pile of salt on the urine stain and look out for any moisture that builds up on top of it. If you notice some wetness on the salt, add more salt until it is completely dry. 
  • Leave the salt on for about 10 minutes before you vacuum it away. The salt method is one of the most effective in getting rid of the smell and urine stain. 
  • Vinegar has accumulated some reputation as the clean-it-all solution. But that is not always the case. Use vinegar with urine stains if you don't have anything else at home. But of course, most homes will have salt on their kitchen shelves. 
  • Vinegar is more effective when mixed with baking soda or salt, but you are also free to try mixing it with a detergent. Vinegar alone can clean the stains, but it will not be effective with the smell.