Common Questions About Carpets

Rugs! They are a best friend of every homeowner who wants to improve the look of their floor. It can change the mood and the look of a room effortlessly. Practically, a simple carpet can offer you a wide range of benefits – from reducing the noise to warming up the temperature in your home.

These days, it is hard to find a property that is already carpeted before buying. That’s why most homebuyers who purchase a new room, home, or apartment usually consider purchasing new carpets and rugs to improve the look of the floor. Whether you are planning to purchase only one or more than two carpets for your new home, you can get the best style and design that suit your taste, considering that different carpets are now available in the market.

There are lots of home decorations in the market that you can choose from. But, no one can deny if someone says that various home decors are more versatile compared to a carpet. A single rug is considered to be a multitasker. It can enhance the overall look of your home while hiding its imperfections. In fact, many professional interior designers believe that carpets are one of the must-haves in terms of improving the aesthetic style and value of a property.

Aside from its aesthetic appearance, the carpet also provides you with lots of benefits and advantages. Considering its design, versatility, and practicality, one can say that these carpets or rugs are definitely an amazing addition to every home.

If you are planning to purchase rugs but still hesitant whether or not purchasing one is worthy, you are at the right place. Hare a few of the frequently asked questions about carpet installation, carpet cleaning, and carpet cleaning products, and their corresponding answers. These queries will help you decide whether you should or should not purchase a rug.

Carpet Installation FAQs

Not everyone is aware of the steps that should be taken when installing a new carpet or removing the old rug. For the first-timers, just thinking for a carpet installation can make you feel tired and daunted already. That’s why before you remove your old carpet or hire a professional to install your newly purchased rug, you need to read the common questions about carpets.

As mentioned, there are lots of benefits you can get when you decided to incorporate carpets into your home or apartment. Aside from enhancing the overall beauty of your place, it also offers you a comfortable floor to walk on and enough insulation.

This section covers the questions related to carpet installation and their corresponding answers. Aside from using the right tools, what are the things you need to be taken into consideration when installing a carpet? Then again, if you already have an installed rug and want to change it, how are you going to remove it properly and without causing any damage? We know how hard and tiring installing a red carpet is, especially on your back and knees. Aside from that, if you are going to install it with yourself, make sure that you have the allotted time to finish it.

In reality, first-timers find it hard to choose the right style and design of the carpet that they should buy. This section is worth reading if you are among them.

The following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding carpet installation.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a New Carpet?

Adding a carpet into your home can give a more comfortable, soft, and attractive floor covering. It is available in different depths, materials, and sizes that you can choose from. It is also considered to be the best home decoration that provides an inviting and warmest floor surface.

Anyone can put throw rugs to their floors easily. But, when it comes to a real wall-to-wall carpeting, we recommend you to hire a professional to do it. The professionals will tack down, stretched, and measured the floor properly and accurately to prevent the appearance of hazardous nails or wrinkles.

Installing a new carpet has a wide range of price rates. But generally, an average carpet installer charges about 7 USD to 12 USD per square foot, which is 63 USD to 108 USD per square yard. 10 feet to 14 feet is the average installation price with a cost ranging from 980 USD to 1,680 USD. But usually, professional carpet installers use square yard and square-foot measurements.

Where Should I Install My New Carpet?

When you decided to pick a flooring style to the different rooms in your home, make sure that you know its advantages and disadvantages before you consider the activity types and traffic that will be performed in your preferred room. Carpets or rugs are considered to be a timeless home decoration because of different reasons. Most homeowners have this in their house. But keep in mind that installing a new carpet to the bathroom or kitchen is not recommended. Carpets provide you with a comfortable flooring surface to walk on, it gives warmer temperature, it is quiet, and many others. Rooms that are good for carpeting include your bedroom, stairs, playroom, and living room.

How Should I Prepare for Carpet Installation

Before the carpet installation start, there are some preparations you need to do. Knowing that new carpet installation is a type of construction project, it is expected to smell strong odors and noises while performing the whole installation process. So, ensure that you and your family members, especially the young ones and seniors, are in a safe place. If you have allergies or respiratory-related conditions, it would be better to take them to another room to prevent the inhalation of dust and other compounds while doing the whole installation process. Also, ensure that all the running electronics are plugged out, and the unnecessary things scattered around are picked up.

How Long Does A Carpet Installation Take?

Different aspects can hugely affect the time carpet installation will take. These include the time taken for furniture removal, old flooring rip-up, the number of carpets required to install, the efficiency of the crew, the room sizes, and the whole project size.

For instance, if you want to install a new carpet into your 1,000 square foot room, the installers will probably take about two to four hours to get the work done. Alternatively, if you want to get a newly installed carpet in your one square room, the entire installation process only takes less than a day. But, if your room has an intricate or quite complicated shape, the carpet installation process might take about more than five hours.

What Must I Do the Day Before the Carpet Installation?

To make the carpet installation done earlier than the expected time, you need to know there are some preparations before the carpet installers come into your house. These preparations also prevent possible hiccups from happening.

First, make sure that the room is already free from electronics, furniture, and anything you have displayed inside. Operating your air conditioning and heating for the whole day before the carpet installation is also needed considering that the installation area should have the right temperature, which is between 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Before the carpet installation gets started, make sure that all the doors and windows are closed. During the installation, ensure that your pets, kids, and family members with respiratory disease are not inside the work area.

Is It Okay to Walk on my Carpet Right After the Installation is Done?

After the carpet installation is completely done, you can now try walking on it. But, your furniture, home appliances, and other things you picked up before the installation should not be moved immediately. It would be better to wait for about one to two days before moving it inside to prevent the possible damages.

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

You might be dreaming of the look and the comfort offered by installing a carpet in your home. Carpets, aside from having an excellent look to improve your flooring surface, it also provides you with a lot of benefits. With that considered, it is very crucial for every homeowner who has a carpet installed in their room to have a daily routine for cleaning and maintaining its good looks and comfort.

Besides regular spot cleaning and vacuuming, it is also vital for your carpet to be cleaned by professional cleaners since these professionals will prolong the life of your rug. Carpet Cleaning provides you with a unique set of benefits and advantages. Remember that rugs can be a home for bacteria, dust particles, and allergens. If one of your family members have problems related to proper breathing, these airborne particles can trigger their current issue, which includes allergies and asthma.

As mentioned, professional cleaning of your rug can enhance its overall feel and look. The dust and dirt buildup can cause the carpet’s fiber to turn matted, which can result in your carpet feeling flat and rough as well as look worn out. The professional carpet cleaners know how to take away the dust and dirt from the carpet’s fibers, resulting to a softer and better feel and look for a more extended time.

This section talks about the most commonly asked questions about carpet cleaning. These questions will help you understand the importance of cleaning and maintaining your carpet.

What is the common method used by professionals for carpet cleaning?

Most companies that offer professional carpet cleaning use the “hot water extraction” technique. This method is all about washing and taking off the water from the carpet thoroughly. This carpet cleaning strategy uses only the mildest cleansing agents, which make your carpet looks good and brand new. The machines used for carpet cleaning include the truck-mounted units. These machines are good for performing deeper carpet cleaning because of its powerful motors.

How much does it cost for a professional carpet cleaning?

The price rate for carpet cleaning depends on the square footage of the area. The professional cleaners will measure your area prior to the cleaning process to give you the exact amount of charge.

What should I expect when the professional carpet cleaners come?

First, the professional cleaners will check your carpets and the other items that need to be cleaned. Once the inspection, they will inform you about the cleaning process they will perform. They will also answer your questions. Also, they will move away from the small furniture present in the room. After that, they will start the carpet cleaning process by applying a protector or deodorizer. They will start to groom it, using the highest quality machines and cleaning products. After that, they will bring back the furniture to the room with protective pads under it. These protective pads will protect your carpet from possible scratches.

How long will the drying time last?

Drying the cleaned carpet depends on the carpet type, airflow, and the level of humidity present in the room. But generally, a carpet dries within a day. So, you must wait for about a day before walking on it. Also, wear white socks or clean footwear when walking to prevent re-soiling.

Does vacuuming before carpet cleaning is important?

Basically, yes. Vacuum your carpet before cleaning it. Use a regular vacuum cleaner. You have to get rid of the loose particles, gravel, or excess sand present on your carpet. Aside from that, vacuuming also works for fluffing the fiber, which will help the cleaners to eliminate the deep-seated dirt. Through this, carpet cleaning can be done more effectively and efficiently.

How to dry the carpet quicker?

As mentioned, it is important to clean your carpet regularly as it can extend its lifespan as well as preserve its brand new look. Carpeted floors are susceptible to the buildup of odor and dirt. That’s why you are probably asking yourself about the possible ways to dry the carpet faster.

Carpets that are not properly dried can accumulate mildew and dirt. This the reason some homeowners notice their carpet gets dirtier after a few days of cleaning. If you want to dry your cleaned carpet quicker, your room should have proper air circulation. You might consider opening the windows nearly or use the fan.

Do I need to be present while the cleaners clean my carpet?

It depends on you. But mostly, technicians would recommend you leave them while cleaning to make their work done faster. Most clients would meet the cleaners upon their arrival and give them the keys to your room that needs to be cleaned.

Does carpet cleaning removes different carpet stains?

The professional carpet cleaners know how to get rid of the tough spots and stubborn stains using the right cleaning product. Well, carpet cleaning companies cannot give you the assurance that they can remove all spots and stains present on your carpet. But, they will use the right product and cleaning solution that is intended to fight off different stains. The cleaning experts will inform you whether the spots and/or stains on your carpet can be removed or not.

How to maintain my carpets clean and well-groomed after a professional cleaning?

To maintain your carpets good looking and comfortable to walk on, vacuum it regularly. But ensure that you are vacuuming the carpet properly. Don’t drag it too fast. Give it some time to sip all the dirt and dust accumulated in your carpet. You can remove dry soils, dust, and dirt if you use the vacuum properly and promptly. Also, the accident spills of juices and coffee should be cleaned immediately to prevent the buildup of stains. After the professional cleaners leave your house, they will give you their recommendations about the right time for carpet cleaning. To keep your rugs look good and feel good, make sure to follow all the recommendations of the professionals as well as the carpet manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and requirements.

Cleaning Products FAQs

Cleaning products are essential to our daily living. It helps us make our living in our home, school, and office easier. These products are used to effectively eliminates germs, dirt, and other contaminations, which can help reduce the spreading of unwanted diseases and sickness, helping us and our family to stay healthy. Cleaning products also include materials that can help us to remove dust, stain, and soil in surfaces to renew the surface from its best condition.

The chemical substances mixed to these cleaning products, such as micro-bacterial liquids, acids, detergent, abrasives, bleaches, sanitizers, and dishwashing products, help improve cleaning effectively and efficiently, making our community, in general, easier to clean and be more hygienic. Through cleaning effectively and efficiently, it helps to have more family time, less cleaning time, more family bonding. Cleaning products serve as tools for grooming and making our places a more interesting and elegant. A clean area describes that the people living there are neat and well-groomed. Being neat and clean reduces the chance that you will get sick. Cleanliness is a way of being health conscious.

As time goes by, the production of cleaning products changes due to demand and environmental changes. Some upgraded the chemical substance of that certain product to be more effective, and some just change the name of the brand due to the market demand. They usually change for the better. Cleaning products make a huge contribution to people’s daily activities.

How to use your Carpet Cleaner Machine?

The use of a machine depends on the manufacturers’ design and intention. The Carpet Cleaner machine is easy to operate the machine. This machine was intended to facilitate Carpet Cleaning most effectively and efficiently of cleaning your carpet. This is also a lightweight machine for hassle-free cleaning of your carpet. This machine is electricity and battery-operated, so it is easy to operate. It is also advisable to read the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to use the machine for more useful instructions.

Since it is also a user-friendly machine, your child can also operate this machine as long as there is parental supervision. In this fashion, your child can learn to clean your carpet, and at the same time, they are helping you to lessen your burden in cleaning.

Is it a user-friendly machine?

Absolutely, the manufacturer made it user-friendly to be more convenient to the users. It is a well-designed, easy to use and operate the machine. A user-friendly machine means it is simple to use and operate, and it also lessens the burden of the user.

What kind of maintenance do I need for this machine?

Any type of machine needs to be taken care of for the service to last.  This machine needs to be cleaned properly and stored properly after use. Machine maintenance must include daily schedule service and routine check. The machine must have correct time usage so that it cannot be overused.  Regular routine checks, including the parts, are essential in maintaining the machine for its effectiveness. Machines that cared for properly decreases its effectiveness.

Is it industrial grade?

Yes, the Carpet Cleaning machine is an industrial grade because it is a quality product intended for industrial use. It is an industrial graded machine at its economical price. Since it is an industrial grade, it is durable for long term use.

How fast can I clean my normal size carpet using your machine?

For the fastest way of cleaning your normal size carpet is to clean it first with a vacuum to help removes the dust and dirt on the top of your carpet, so when you use the Carpet Cleaning machine, it is easy to clean your normal size carpet. Using a vacuum as a primary cleaner will save time in cleaning. In addition, cleaning your normal size carpet at home using the right cleaning product can speed up your cleaning time. It gives assurance to the user that your carpet can be cleaned in no time since it is hassle-free to use.

What’s unique about your machine?

One interesting fact of this machine is that it is designed for the costumer’s convenience, and it is user-friendly. The unique thing on this machine is that it can be used through the use of electricity or battery. This is done by the manufacturer so that you have the option of how they are going to operate it, plus it is hassle-free. You can clean the carpet even without electricity since it is also a battery-operated machine. And also, it is easy to carry for fast cleaning routines. And one of its advantages is that this machine can be used with any kind of cleaning product. For instance, your dog leaves dirt on your carpet. You can use this machine together with a cleaning product intended for your pet’s dirt.

Why should I buy your machine?

Cleaning your carpet at home is one of the hardest chores to do since it was time-consuming. So, for economical cleaning time, this machine is advisable for those people who want to save time in cleaning their carpet. Purchasing this machine is the wise thing to do besides its economical price, user-friendly machine, and it is easy to use and operate.

What is the life span of this machine?

The life spans of a machine depending on how you used the machine. But mostly, this Carpet Cleaner machine lasts longer when it has a good maintenance routine because it helps the machine to function properly and not to break down immediately.  Proper caring to this machine is the key to its long-lasting use.

Are there any cleaning products intended to use for this machine?

Since this is a user-friendly machine, users are allowed to use any type of cleaning machine depending on the type of dirt to be cleaned. Some of the cleaning products which can be used are cleaning sprays, shampoo, steam cleaners, urine removal spray, and pet sprays.


Carpets are mostly used for interior designs since it gives a luxurious effect to one’s home. It makes our way of living comfortable and smooth. Carpet installation is a new trend in making our home looks elegant. Carpets have a diversity of purposes, including making your room a comfortable place to stay, insulating our foot during cold seasons, especially when you have a tile floor or concrete floor. One may also use this as a prayer rug and can be used as a padding while the children are playing making their playing time comfortable.

The carpet can be used for interior design for additional house decorations. However, using carpets also has its disadvantages.

One of its disadvantages is that it increases the chance of dust clings, indoor dust, and microorganisms, which are inevitable when you have this carpet.  This can also increase the risk of health outcomes; some infectious diseases may arise, such as allergies and asthma.  It also helps in terms of reducing sounds from walking. Alongside with its advantage and disadvantages carpets, it is still important, but we need to be more health-conscious to prevent health issues. So, carpet installation and carpet cleaning must be done in a very systematic and proper way in order to prevent unwanted diseases that we may get from having a carpet. It is also advisable to use a carpet cleaning machine together with a cleaning product (such as cleaning sprays and pet spray for those who have pets at home) which is intended for the removal of the dirt on the carpet to ensure that indoor dust and microorganism will totally be removed to lessen the chance of having a health issue. Having a carpet in our home has a big impact to our daily living. Interior beautifications must be accompanied by right and proper care.