How to Get Fingernail Polish Out of the Carpet

The fingernail polish is one of those things that a girl's purse never lacks. It is an essential part of their pride and glamor, and the perfect shade, a highlight of their personality.

Unfortunately, nail polish looks different when it gets on to the household equipment such as carpets and rugs. Nail polish can be quite conspicuous, and that is not a good thing for your home decor.

Nobody wants such things as nail polish on their precious carpet, but accidents do happen. A cat can tip over a bottle of fingernail polish, and you may be short of ideas on how to go about cleaning it.

Of course, there are various methods you can use, but it's not all of them that are efficient in removing fingernail polish.

Some of them may spread the stain, and others will leave a pale patch that looks nothing like the rest of the carpet, and that is not the intention.

So how do you remove fingernail polish from the carpet, effectively without blemishes?

How you go about it

As a rule of thumb, always clean the stain as soon as it gets on the carpet. The longer it stays, the tougher it becomes, and that is not what any homeowner wants.

  • Utilize a paper towel to get rid of the excess spills. Repeat until nothing comes off. Depending on the degree of the spill, you may need to use two or three paper towels.
  • Get a knife or a spoon to scrape off any loose polish, and be gentle not to break any fabric. Do it along the grains. You can use the carpet cleaner to vacuum the small pieces after using a spoon or knife.
  • Rubbing alcohol or non-oily nail polish remover on a piece of cloth will blot the stain quite effectively. But hair spray can also be useful as it also contains alcohol that removes the nail polish. Always check what you have in your cupboard before going to the stores, and it can save you a few dollars and time.

Keep rubbing until there is no more nail polish coming out. You need to be careful with the nail polish remover because it can ruin the latex backing. Use it sparingly.

  • Prepare a mixture of warm water and liquid dishwashing soap, but make sure the portion of dishwashing soap is tiny. Make sure the dishwashing soap does not contain bleach or lanolin, or it will ruin the carpet fabric.
  • Dip a cloth in the detergent solution and blot any remaining fingernail Polish and fingernail polish remover. Use a paper towel to blob the area dry, and repeat until there are no more stains. Some people may use hydrogen peroxide, but be careful. Hydrogen peroxide has the same qualities as bleach, and it can leave an ugly discoloration on your magenta or red carpet. Use it sparingly if necessary.
  • Spray a mist of warm water to rinse the spot and place a bunch of paper towels to dry the area thoroughly. Place something heavy like a dumbbell to weigh down on the paper towels. This way, it will only take about an hour or so to completely dry.
  • For the finishing touch, you can sprinkle a bit of carpet freshener, and nobody will ever notice what happened.