Carpet Cleaning Service

Your carpet says a lot about your home- whether it is clean or dirty has an indication over the cleanliness throughout the rest of the house. When your carpeted flooring gets dirty over time, the excrement becomes trapped in the fibers, leading to more than just gross flooring. It can also pose a health threat. 

Since the carpet plays such a critical role in your home,  routine cleaning and maintenance are essential. According to some carpet brands, carpeted flooring can last for more than 20 years with the proper upkeep. To make this happen, though, deep cleaning is a must. 

There is no way around walking on your carpet. Dirt, soil, and muck naturally get into the fibers of your carpeted floors over time. Investing in a professional carpet cleaning process is one of the most effective ways to counter this and keep your carpet looking fresh. While you can do the deep cleaning yourself, having an expert come in means a more thorough job that can add years to your carpet's life. 

With that said, look no further than Carpet Reviewed! Call us for reliable carpet cleaning services that maintain the health and strength of your carpeted flooring. 

Trust Carpet Reviewed

For years, Carpet Reviewed has provided high-quality carpet cleaning services to homeowners all over the country. We understand that your carpet says a lot about your residence, so our best cleaners know to leave the job with a bright and grime-free carpeted floor. 

As carpet cleaning specialists, we understand the ins and outs of, well, cleaning your carpet. Our priority is giving you access to fantastic, cost-effective carpet cleaning services and products. This includes friendly and helpful carpet cleaners. On-time, quick, and convenient, the carpet cleaners get the job done right so that you do not have to. 

Our phones are open 24 hours a day, seven days per week. With one call, you are one step closer to a fresher and more enlivened home carpet. 

Our Story of Service

Carpet Reviewed was first registered as a website in 2017. Since then, the founder, Kevin Linden, has made it his goal for every carpet owner to have access to practical and effective carpet cleaning solutions. As a parent with a hectic household, he has seen a fair share of spills, stains, and discoloration. To make the clean up easier for other families and homeowners, Linden created a site for everyone interested in maintaining their carpeted floor: Carpet Reviewed.

For those seeking help with keeping their carpet cleaned, Carpet Reviewed's product reviews and how-to guides inform people about carpets and its upkeep. Plus, featured carpet cleaning services and installations give carpet owners access to professionals. All this and more is found in one site- Carpet Reviewed. 

Keeping your carpeted flooring in good condition should not be a hassle, and neither should be finding the right products and best services. This is what Kevin Linden believed, so this is the standard that Carpet Reviewed operates upon. 

Residential Carpet Cleaning Service

Many, if not most, homes contain some form of carpet within them. It is a comforting material that makes rooms feel homier and more comfortable. For this, a carpet cleaning service is essential for homeowners to keep in mind. Over time, carpets accumulate dirt, grime, and other allergens that not only damage its appearance but also cause health concerns. 

Vacuuming is an excellent way to attack the allergens and germs that naturally find themselves in your carpet. However, it is not a foolproof solution. Vacuuming is more of a temporary fix for the excrement found on the service. As you continue to use your carpet, the germs can bury themselves within the fibers. To remove these germs and properly clean your carpet, a deep carpet clean is necessary. 

For a deep clean of your carpet, a carpet cleaner machine is required. These complete deep cleaning jobs that remove dirt from the fibers of the carpet using water, shampoo, and a specific cleaning method. Overall, these machines can do a high level of cleaning. You can either purchase these machines or find a carpet cleaner rental to complete the job yourself. 

For the best cleaning results, hiring a professional rug cleaning or carpet cleaning company is the best way to go. They clean carpets for a living, so the carpet cleaners understand precisely how to remove all the unwanted dirt and grime from your home carpet. Not to mention that they have all the professional equipment and training necessary to complete a quality job. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

No matter the size of your business, you need access to dependable carpet cleaning. With advanced equipment under the operation of professional cleaners, your business can flourish on top of a clean and vibrant carpet. 

We understand that operating a business can get chaotic. Therefore, carpet cleaning may be the last thing on your agenda. That is why cleaning services should be no hassle and time-effective. Having professionals take care of your deep cleaning means that you get speedy service that does not compromise quality. You should not have to worry about cleaning your carpet. Let us take care of it so that you can focus on more important things, like running a business. 

Carpet Repairs

Besides carpet cleaning, we at Carpet Reviewed also provide carpet repairs. Natural wear and tear is inevitable since there is no easy way to avoid walking on your carpeted floors. Rips, tears, and unattachments can occur as time goes on. For this, we make sure that the best carpet repairs are available to you. 

There is no need to buy a completely new rug- unless it is time for a new one. In that case, we can assist with installations, as well. Call us for top-notch repairs that can extend the life of your flooring. 

Pet Stain Removal

If you have a pet, especially if they are training, the chances are that a pet stain is inevitable- no matter how much you train them. Accidents happen! Indeed, some solutions specialize in removing pet stains from your flooring. However, these may not thoroughly remove the odors and germs that you need to get rid of. 

Pet stain removal is another service that we provide to ensure that carpets get cleaned and stay clean. Call us to make sure that you remove any unwanted spots caused by your pet. 

Everyday Mishaps Happen- Recover with Dependable Carpet Cleaners

There is no way to prevent the unexpected. This is especially true for home carpets. Considering what they come into contact with, sometimes, it can seem crazy that carpets stay clean for so long. However, with life comes the unplanned: stains from food or drinks and mud residue from shoes are just some of the accidents that can come with owning carpets. 

Attack the spots and stains by calling a professional service. Not only can you restore carpets to their former glory, but you can also prolong their lifespan, which saves you time and money in the future. 

Call Carpet Reviewed today for high-quality carpet treatment, whether it is a simple rug cleaning or a dire wash for dirty carpets ten years in the making. 

Go the Extra Mile and Purchase Carpet Cleaning Products 

Routinely scheduling a deep rug cleaning is critical to maintaining its color and health. Cleaners recommend that they get a deep clean between every 12 and 18 months. In the meantime, though, keep carpets in the best shape possible with some of these recommended cleaning products. 

Carpet Cleaner

This cleaning machine is essential for deep cleaning carpets. You can either buy one to own, or you can rent one to complete a deep cleaning yourself. The best thing about a cleaner is that you have the choice of how much to spend on it. 

When looking for a cleaner, consider the features necessary to you. You can pick between canister, upright, or portable cleaners according to the size of the job. 

Carpet Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are larger than the original cleaning machine for carpets. Their size is due to the steam cleaning technology used to remove stains and years of dirt, soil, and grime. To convert the water into vapor, there is a reasonably large device that heats it, then applies the formed vapor to carpets. 

Fortunately, there are cleaning services are available that use steaming technology. That way, you do not have to buy a new one for yourself. You can save money from not purchasing a cleaner and have the benefit of a professional touch. 

Carpet Cleaner Spray

For an emergency carpet cleaning, a spray can do the job of removing most, if not all, of the damaging chemicals that harm carpets. Just spray the spot, let it sit, and vacuum it up. To maintain your carpet's lively color and stain-free appearance, having a spray nearby can prevent life and death- when it comes to maintaining carpets. 

Carpet Cleaner Solution

Carpet cleaning solutions are not technically the same as carpet cleaning spray, as you do not spray them onto the surface. Instead, people pour the solution onto the spot. Unexpected spills and stains are inevitable. Therefore, a quality cleaning solution can lengthen your carpet's life. 

There are several cleaning solutions out there, but many experts recommend creating your own DIY solution. This can save you money and prevents wasting other household cleaners. Plus, it holds you over until carpet cleaning services can arrive. 

Carpet Shampoo

This cleaning supply is crucial for quickly removing stains and unexpected spots. There are several types of shampoos out there, but you should find whichever works for your lifestyle. Some cater towards pet stains; if you recently adopted a Fido of your own, then maybe this shampoo is the better choice. 

Again, it is crucial to have some form of shampoo for carpets that can hold you over until you get a deep cleaning with professional services. 

Pet Stain Remover

No matter how much you love your pets, it is still a pain to clean up pet stains. A pet stain carpet cleaner is just what you need to keep carpets in service so that there are no odors and unpleasant spots. 

In the event of a pet stain, all that a remover requires are a couple of sprays, waiting for a few minutes, and wiping up the solution- as if the accident never happened. Then, you can go back to playing with your furry friends. 

Car Carpet Cleaner

Just because accidents happen inside the house does not mean your car is exempt. Whether on the way to work or on vacation, food spills, muddy shoes, or dirty pets are a threat to car carpets. Having a car cleaner close by can keep the carpets looking clean and smelling fresh. 

Eco-Friendly Products

Cleaning carpets can get in the way of your love for the environment. As there are many chemicals in cleaners and solutions, there are eco-friendly products for rugs that can do the job just as well. Though these may be more expensive, carpet cleaning products such as these can be more helpful for people with allergies or for people who want to use natural ingredients. 

Frequently Asked Carpet Questions

How Long Does a Rug Cleaning Take?

The duration of this service can range based on the size of the room. On average, it takes about twenty minutes per room. However, this can fluctuate. 

Where Can I Find Carpet Cleaning Near Me?

Call us at 877-605-8643 to receive quality service and excellent cleanings. 

Where Can I Find a Carpet Cleaner Rental Near Me?

Call us at 877-605-8643 to get an excellent referral service regarding carpets. 

Should I Vacuum Before a Deep Clean Service?

Before a deep clean, it is strongly recommended that you vacuum. This is to take an extra step in removing all grime. Vacuums typically suck up the outer layer of germs. The deep cleaning service takes care of the rest. 

Does Carpet Cleaning Services Include Upholstery Cleaning?

Cleaning carpets do not include upholstery cleaning. Instead, it is better to go to professionals serving upholstery.