How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles Naturally

If you have noticed carpet beetles or larvae on your carpet, then it’s time to take charge. Carpet beetles are quite small in size (no more than a quarter inch in length) but don’t let this fool you; these irritating little critters can cause insurmountable damage to any home.

Carpet beetles pose a significant threat to any homeowner. Unlike any other species of insects, the carpet beetles can wreak havoc on even the most well-kept and cleanest of homes.

Carpet beetles leave a distinct trace of their damage on anything they touch; this consists of well-defined holes along the seams of most kind of fabrics including carpet fabrics, silk, wool, animal fibers, blankets and other household materials, where the beetles bite through the thread.

Truth be told, carpet beetles can be quite daunting to remove once they get comfortable. As luck would have it, there are some tested and tried ways you can get rid of beetles naturally and permanently. This guide aims at shedding light on the matter and equipping you with all the necessary information you need to rid your home of these nasty pests for good.

Sit back, get comfortable and scroll below to find out more.

Before I delve into discussing helpful ways of getting rid of carpet beetles naturally, we first need to determine how to find these little scavengers.

Identifying a Carpet Beetle

The first and strongest indicator of carpet beetles infestation in the house is a sign of fecal pellets and shed skin flakes. If you notice either or both of these signs, that is the best place to begin your search.

There are three prime beetles you should be on the lookout for; They include the:

  • Varied Carpet Beetle
  • Common Carpet Beetle
  • Furniture Carpet Beetle, and lastly the;
  • Black Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetles are quite easy to spot. They are known to move slowly and if by chance, you happen to see one crawling on the carpet, just poke it, and it will roll over and act lifeless.

The funny part with carpet beetles is though they may feed on fabric, it’s in their nature to obscure in non-fabric areas. These may be in dog food, paint brushes, flower pots, food cabinets as well as undisturbed locations like attics dashboards and air ducts.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles Naturally

As soon as you spot any of these little burgers, follow the multipronged procedure below to get rid of these scavengers once and for all.

1. Vacuum the Carpet

Thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas in the house, paying more attention to the primary source of infestation. For better results, ensure you clean multiple times each day depending on the level of infestation.

2. Throw Away Infested Garments

If the beetles have already eaten any clothing, it is safer to throw it away in the risk of some bugs remaining there.

3. Wash Your Fabrics

Wash any clothing not tightly stored in airtight containers. Use soapy hot water as it is most efficient on carpet beetles.

4. Use Insecticides

Make use of a good spray insecticide specially formulated for carpet beetles. Follow the instructions on the can to use it on the carpet.

5. Set Traps

Use hormone based glue traps on any areas you suspect the infestation may be emanating from to seal the crevices.

If you follow the above DIY steps, you will be ready. Though DIY carpet beetle prevention poses a lot of benefits in the case of an acute infection, it’s safer to hire a pest control professional to do the job for you.

Of course, this means paying a little extra for the service but all so worth it. Make a list and begin your search for the best professional for the job and get estimates. Moreover, remember to get it all in writing for legal purposes.

Preventing Carpet Beetle Infestation

As you would imagine, the safest way to control any pests, carpet beetles included, is to prevent these pests from entering your home in the first place. As a homeowner, you can easily accomplish this by applying some tips below:

  1. Clean your house on a regular basis so as to remove all food sources for this pests.
  2. Vacuum regularly especially on the furniture, curtains and paying extra attention to carpets.
  3. Use a preventative spray specified for carpet beetles, however, don’t use on clothing.
  4. Sprinkle Boric Acid, around the edges of your carpet as well as onto the furniture. Vacuum up excess Boric acid not more than 2 hours after using it as it has bleaching effects on dark places.
  5. Add mothballs to packed fabrics and clothing boxes before packing them.
  6. Store clothing in plastic bags if they are to be kept in the dark closets as it is a principal hiding place for carpet beetles.
  7. Choose synthetic fabrics over natural fabrics especially for the carpet if you’ve had a problem with carpet beetles in the past
  8. Control the existence of other pests in your home. Needless to say, pests attract more pests. Therefore, always ensure you are conversant with pest control methods for any pests, common in your house.

Final Thoughts

Carpet Beetles serve among the most unpleasant of home pests. Not only are they unsightly to look at, but they also reproduce quickly plus they cause a lot of damage to your precious items.

This goes without saying, at first sight of a carpet beetle or its signs, act fast. Put into use the detailed procedure above and exterminate these pesky critters for good.

I hope you can now take charge of any carpet beetle infestation in your home when it crops up.