How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Carpet?

A carpet is a ubiquitous item in the home or office. So much so, that you choose your carpets based on considerations such as the type of material, the cost of carpet, the size of area/structure requiring carpeting among other issues.

A period arises when there is a need to replace old and worn off carpets. These kinds of rugs have lost not only their shine but also their structural integrity.

Replacing the carpeting for your room or space in your home or office may often require starting from scratch i.e. installing a new carpet. Hence you will need to compute the costs of the various parts and accessories associated with installing a carpet. Also, you will have to include other sundry expenses such as labor and miscellaneous costs. In general, the following tips can guide your carpet replacement process:

The Size/structure of the space requiring replacement carpeting

This factor features at the number spot in computing the cost of replacing your carpet. It follows that the larger structure or area, the more carpet material required. Take the measurement of the width and the length of the room or space in yards or meters. Experts advise that you add close to 20 percent extra from your final figure. This computation is necessary for accommodating for cutouts, minor mistakes, additional features such as wardrobes and door passages as well as other unforeseen circumstances.  Most standard carpets are available in rolls measuring 12, 13 or 15 feet wide. If your room or space requires more than a roll of carpeting, then your carpeting will feature seams. A carpet replacement professional will charge a fee in the advent of such a scenario.

Carpet Cost

The price of your replacement carpet is another strong contender for your consideration. The options that are available for your replacement carpet including deciding on the height, padding, luster, color as well as the feeling among other issues. Also, the type of surface will determine the cost of replacing our carpet. In this light, carpeting a hardwood floor comes with a price that is different when you decide to go for heavy wall-to-wall carpeting. Your carpeting is priced based on the floor or surface yardage.

Carpet Padding

Most carpets come with padding. A Padding is meant to offer a snug finish to your carpet, while at the same time offer a soft and comfortable feel to the feet. It is also essential for maintaining the structural integrity of the carpet, and it protects the flooring from wear and tear. When purchasing your carpets, enquire whether it comes with its padding. If the padding is absent, it is advised you buy the appropriate kind for your selected replacement carpet.

Facilitating Accessories

Replacing your carpet entails sticking to the original layout of the room or space. This action means that doorways, entrances, and exits are essential elements in the replacement process. Put provisions in place, regarding carpet material, for these features. Also, if the surface requiring carpeting progresses from one kind to another, say from vinyl flooring to laminate, you need facilitating pieces. These pieces include seams and seals. Depending on the available funds, these accessories can either be detailed or plain.

Doing-it-yourself or Engaging Installation Professionals.

Replace your carpet present you with two major choices: you either replace the carpet on your own, or you engage the services of carpet service personnel. For the first route, you will grapple with some tasks including removing and moving furniture about as well as removing/replacing flooring and padding. Other duties are cleaning the surface requiring carpeting and installing the carpet itself.

Replacing carpets on your own saves money. But there are limitations as well. For starters, you may take a longer time finishing the replacement process. Also, extra costs may be incurred in the event of a mistake or oversight.

Engaging installation professionals saves your time and energy, to focus on other areas in your home or office. However, such services come at a cost; negotiate with your carpet consultant to get the best deal for your budget.

Some other important factors for your consideration are:

  • Exclusive Carpeting Material Fees: Your choice in carpet may be harder to install compared to others in its class. Consequently, such carpets attract special installation charges/fees.
  • Fees charged for Carpet Cutting: These fees apply when rooms/spaces requiring replacement carpeting have critical dimensions. Hence, your carpeting does not follow conventional shapes such as squares or rectangles. Customized cutting/shaping of your carpet will also attract a cutting charge.


This cost estimation is based on a room measuring 400 Square feet (SF). 9 SF equals 1 Square Yard (SY).

Cost of Carpet

This cost will range from 2 to 50 USD per SF. The lower range purchases of 2 Dollars will buy low-pile, durable polyester carpets. Middle-cost values of 20 to 30 USD fetches heavy-traffic carpet types while 50 USD gives high-end, decorative thick pile carpets.

Usually, the cost includes the padding for the carpets.

The cost of Removal and Installation of Carpet

Assuming you engage the services of carpet installation professionals, charges will range between 1.50 to 3.50 USD for the low-end to high-quality carpets.

Cost of moving Furniture (In and Out)

Depending on your powers of negotiation, you could spend between 50 to 100 USD on this task. However, this expense links to how much furniture moves in and out.

Total Costs

Carpet/Padding  Costs( for low pile carpets, 400 SF) gives  800 USD.

Carpet Removal/Installation:  600 USD

Labour: 75 USD.

Grand Total =  1,475 USD.