Carpet Installation

Carpet flooring has been a popular trend among modern homes. With the right style, you can improve your house's beauty, value, and performance! Carpets have been evolving since they first came along as a flooring material, and you can now find environmentally friendly products that can avoid the most severe staining and fading risks.

Overall, carpets are relatively easier to install than other materials, such as hardwood flooring; if you have the right tools, you can even install them yourself. However, this always needs to be done with extreme care, precision, and accuracy. The slightest mistake could leave your carpet in unstable conditions, leading to other issues such as matting, crushing, wear, shedding, etc.

If you want to install a carpet in your home, your best choice is to go with an expert that has enough experience with carpet installation, and that's why we're here for. Our carpet installers have worked with professional equipment and record-time service, so you don't need to worry about anything.

Why Trust Carpet Reviewed?

Carpet Reviewed aims to have everything carpet-related in one main site. From carpet installation tips and reviews to carpet cleaning and installation services. We've worked with many homeowners across the country for many years, so we have a clear idea of how to approach a client's project, depending on their needs.

If you were searching for "Carpet Installation Near Me," you don't have to look further! Our carpet installers know all there is to know about carpet colors, patterns, and style, so we can tell which model can suit your project the best. However, our service doesn't stop at just professional carpet installation. We want to provide top-of-the-line customer service, so we always ensure that you understand every step of the process.

Even when the carpet replacement is done, we go one step further and provide you some tips on how to keep it clean at all times. If you ever need us, you can get a quote for your project by calling us. Regardless of your zip code area, our customer service line is open 24/7!

How Was Carpet Reviewed Born?

As with all great companies, Carpet Reviewed started as an idea. We wanted to offer more than just a service. Our team has gone under years of training and experience with carpet installation, but we wanted to offer something more.

What was something that people wanted to get with their installation service? Good products. Our professional installers know that choosing the proper carpet for your project may be confusing or complicated at first, so we started doing our research to find the best carpet products on the market. Thanks to this, you can get local carpet installation, but you can also take a look at product guides, reviews, and tips.

A carpet installation has to be an exciting experience, not a stressful one. With just a few clicks or phone calls, you can get access to a broad range of information about anything that you need to know. Your quote is just the start of your amazing installation project.

What Are the Benefits of a Carpet Installation?

If you still haven't decided if you want to go with a carpet for your home flooring, here are some reasons why you should consider it:

  • It Provides Comfort - A new carpet provides excellent thermal insulation. If you live in a cold area, or you're in a cold season, getting a carpet is the perfect choice since it retains warm air for a longer time. This can save energy while also providing a warm and comfortable place to sit, work, or lay down.
  • It Improves Indoor Air Quality - Carpets act as a passive air filter, which means that many dust or pollen particles are going to be removed from your breathing area. A new carpet is also the lowest VOC-emitting choice on the market right now.
  • It Makes Your House Quieter - If you're surrounded by big computers, TVs, or sound systems in your home, you may have a hard time concentrating on what you're doing. However, getting a new carpet can help you absorb some of these sounds since it can act as a sound barrier between floors. It can also reduce the noise made from foot traffic in your home. Overall, carpets are a great noise-reducing flooring type. If you need a quieter home, carpet flooring is the best choice.
  • It Softens Slips/Falls - Aside from being stylish and quiet, carpets are also safer than other flooring types. Depending on the carpet you purchase, it can act as a fall cushion, so if someone falls or slips, the risk of injury is seriously reduced, which is great, especially for children.

Types of Carpet Fibers

One of the main questions that our carpet installers get is what type of carpet is more suitable for their home. This is a valid question since there are many models to choose from, and not every single one is equally suited for your home, so you need to consider your home and what it needs to choose the best option for your installation project.

There are four main types of fiber that you can choose from. To choose the most suitable one, you need to consider how you live in each room.


Nylon is the most popular choice among homeowners since it's the most resistant one. If you have children or pets in your home, this may be the best choice for you since they're stain-resistant and durable. Keep in mind that many manufacturers may offer cheap carpet material, which is something that you don't want for your flooring.

If you're going to buy a nylon carpet, make sure that you're buying high-quality material.


The most remarkable thing about wool is that it looks impressive in most homes. A new wool carpet can last for a long time with proper maintenance since it has natural soil resistance properties. However, it's not stain-resistant, so if you have children or pets, this may not be an appropriate choice for you.


If your home doesn't get too much traffic frequently, polyester provides a luxurious look that can change the general aesthetic of any room. You can find polyester in a broad range of styles and colors, which is great if you're looking to make your home feel more stylish. Last but not least, polyester has outstanding stain resistance properties, so a new carpet can look clean for months without much maintenance.


Olefin provides outstanding moisture and stain resistance. This type of carpet is better suited for low-profile loop carpets, which don't need much superior resiliency.

Carpet Styles

Now that you know about the carpet fibers that you can consider for your project, it's time we take a look at the six main types of carpet that you can install. Each style has unique properties, so you need to consider where you're going to install the new carpet.

Berber Carpet

Identifying a new Berber carpet is not hard. They have a low profile, flecks of color, and some loops of yarn. These carpets usually have a casual look, and they're comfortable. If you want a new carpet that has a simple design but works efficiently, this is the way to go. If you have high traffic in a specific room, this is also a good option since they're great stain resistants.

Frieze Carpet

This carpet is known for its shaggy look. It has long fibers with a higher twist, which provides a dense texture. If you're looking for something that can withstand very heavy traffic, this carpet's thick texture works efficiently. Another benefit of Frieze carpets is that they do a great job hiding dirt and seams. However, since they're so dense, they may be difficult to clean.

If you obtain a new Frieze carpet, the best thing that you can do is hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

Plush Carpet

The plush carpet has a traditional look that can match most homes without any issues. The best thing about this carpet is that it's incredibly smooth, making it a pleasure to walk on foot. Plush carpets are easy to maintain, and you can find them in a wide variety of fibers, so they're fit for any kind of room.

One downside to this carpet is that it's not as stain-resistant as the previous types of carpet, so if you're getting this carpet, consider hiring a professional to clean it every once in a while.

Pattern Carpet

A pattern carpet tends to offer interesting geometric designs. These designs are perfect if you want to make a new room stand out more. Other than providing variety and texture to your room, they don't offer many resistant properties.

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet

In essence, these carpets are suited for interior or exterior spaces. These carpets are great for rooms that have fluctuating temperatures and need moisture and stain resistance.

Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpets are designed to be extremely resistant since they're usually installed by professionals in commercial spaces. The two most remarkable things about commercial carpets are that they are durable and easy to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Install a New Carpet by Myself?

Many of our clients come to our site asking how to install carpet. While you can install your new carpet with the right tools, it's better that you leave it to the hands of professional installers. Not every carpet installation project is the same, so if you make a mistake, you could damage your flooring, making you spend even more money than you would have spent in professional flooring installers.

Our professional carpet flooring installers are always prepared to give you a proper quote based on your project needs. We want your new carpet flooring to look and feel great, so if you have any questions, call us and obtain your quote!

What Is the Cost of Carpet Installation?

Carpet installation prices are another of our clients' primary concerns. A new carpet cost can vary depending on the carpet companies, so there's no general answer to this question. However, we know the importance of a proper flooring quote, so if you want any information regarding a professional flooring installation quote, feel free to call us!

How Long Does a Carpet Installation Take?

The duration of our installation service depends on how big the project is. However, we've worked with these projects for many years, so we always aim to be as quick and effective as possible. After you call for your quote, our team is going to arrive at your zip code area as soon as possible to start the installation.

Regardless of your project, we can give you an estimate of how long it's going to take for the project to be finished. If you want to know what we can do for you, you can call us at 877-605-8643 to obtain your quote.

When Can I Call You to Obtain My Quote?

We want our customer service to be as friendly and professional as possible. Our customer service line can be reached at any time of the day, so if you want a professional quote for our quality service, make sure to call us at 877-605-8643!

Do You Offer Same-Day Service?

Yes! If you need your new carpet installed as soon as possible, you can call us right away to obtain your quote, and if you agree with it, we can go to your local zip code area right away to start the installation project!

If you want to know how fast we can arrive at your location with our local service, get in touch with us!

What Other Services Do You Offer?

We don't stop at carpet installations! When you call us to obtain your installation quote, you can also obtain a quote on our cleaning services. Overall, here's everything you can obtain from Carpet Reviewed:

  • Carpet Installation/Cleaning Quote
  • Product Reviews
  • Cleaning Tips
  • How-to Guides


Installing a carpet doesn't have to be complicated. With just a phone call, we can be on our way to help you get closer to the home of your dreams. If you have any questions, call us at 877-605-8643!