Best Vacuum for High Pile Carpet

best vacuum for high pile carpet

Carpets are an essential furniture staple in homes and offices. Carpets add to the aesthetics and ambiance of any space. They also protect from accidents and slips, in particular for kids and young ones. Many users prefer high pile carpets. These rugs are soft and have a luscious surface. They are also best ​for kids and pets. Therein lays a problem with high pile carpets. Because individuals use these carpets regularly, they retain enormous amounts of dirt. This article will equip you to make the best decisions on purchasing the best vacuum for high pile carpet.

Best vacuum for high pile carpet - Comparison

PictureProduct NameCord LengthWeightUnderlying TechnologyCheck Price
BISSELL 9595A25 Feet14.4 kgOne Pass Powerful Suction 
Shark Navigator Lift-Away25 Feet25 kg2 in-1 cleaning module 
Hoover UH70210 Corded25 Feet35 kgWind Tunnel cleaning 
Oreck XL2100RHS Upright35 Feet16.5 kgMicro sweep




Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright

35 Feet34 kgBall Multi-floor movement 

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If you desire an efficient vacuum cleaner for your high-pile carpet, look no further than the BISSELL 9595AVacuum CleanView One-Pass Corded cleaner. This cleaner is a perfect blend of functionality and performance. The cleaner is specially made to efficiently go through your high pile carpets and remove all the stains and trapped dirt.

You can rely on the proprietary cutting edge technology that includes a One-Pass powerful suction cleaning, an innovative brush design as well as a Multi-Cyclonic system for an effective scrub of your carpet.

Features and Benefits

  • The BISSELL 9595A operates on the widely acclaimed OnePass Technology. This innovative design features an active suction and innovative brush design.
  • Its patented Multi-Cyclonic system ensures a thorough cleaning of your high pile carpet.
  • The BISSELL comes with a turbo brush that is suitable for a wide variety of cleaning tasks and surfaces.
  •  It comes with a 25-foot extension cord.
  • It comes with a large retrieving compartment.


  • The BISSELL is light-weight
  • It is easy to use.
  • This vacuum cleaner comes with a crevice tool and dusting brush to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • The dirt tank is easy to clean.
  • It comes with a Turbo brush for cleaning other surfaces and items like furniture, upholstery, and stairs carpet.
  • The BISSELL has soft bristles on its brush.
  • An extension wand permits you to clean pragmatically.


  • The BISSELL makes a considerable amount of noise during operation
  • The power cord can be re-positioned..


The BISSELL 9595A is an engineering delight. It is sturdy and functional enough to get you through the task of keeping your high-pile carpet clean. I will recommend that you adhere to all the usage instructions of the manufacturers.

The Shark Navigator Lift-away is the top choice for achieving a professional and efficient cleaning for high-pile carpets. First off, the Shark features a removable compartment. This compartment enables you to get completely rid of dirt and stains. This vacuum cleaner uses the latest proprietary technology called the 2-in-1 vacuuming. This advancement gives you the leverage to clean upright and in other positions. The Shark also comes with a heap Filter System and a brush-roll button. With these features, you can transition from cleaning one surface to another smoothly.

Features and Benefits

  • The Shark Navigator comes with a lift-away button so you clean hard-to-reach areas effortlessly.
  • The proprietary 2-in-1 vacuum technology allows for portable cleaning
  • You have a hard-floor attachment to tackle hard cleaning surfaces.
  • The Shark comes with an anti-Allergen complete seal technology. This feature ensures protection from the effects of dust and other pollutants.
  • This vacuum cleaner has an efficient filter system, so you clean out micro stains and dirt.


  • The Shark Navigator is light-weight and portable.
  • The design of this vacuum cleaner is ergonomic.
  • The handle of the Shark is well-placed and constructed.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It possesses an excellent filter.
  • The Shark Navigator operates silently.
  • It has good suction control.
  • It comes with a five-year warranty.
  • It is affordable.


  • It does not come with any soft brush attachment.
  • The cord can be made from a better material.
  • The vacuum's power button can be re-positioned.


The Shark Navigator combines outstanding power with functional performance. It has a sleek and ergonomic design that ensures that cleaning your high-pile carpets is efficient and effective. I recommend that you adhere to the operating standards of the manufacturers.

The Hoover UH70210 Corded is another quality entrant in the vacuum cleaner market. This equipment comes with a lot of firsts. To begin, the Hoover builds on the formidable Wind Tunnel Technology. This technology permits you to achieve powerful suction energy, to clean your high-pile carpets thoroughly. The power nozzle of the Hoover can be adjusted in five ways, ensuring you can clean out not only carpets but other surfaces as well. The only other compelling features of the Hoover UH70210 Corded include:

Features and Benefits

  • The Hoover UH70210 comes light and portable. Its sleek design means that you can achieve efficiency in the cleaning of your high-pile carpets.
  • The Hoover comes with a Carpet Height adjustment module. This modulation gives your cleaning greater precision, especially over different surfaces.
  • This vacuum cleaner possesses a cord rewind button. With this button, you can deploy and retract the 25-foot long cord at will.
  • The Hoover is equipped to handle the removal of pets’ hair and other stains.
  • It comes with an extendable cleaning wand to tackle hard-to-reach areas.


  • The Hoover generates good suction force for a good scrub.
  • The filters of the Hoover are easy-to-reach and rinse.
  • It is quiet when in use.
  • It is light-weight


  • Users complained of many plastic parts in the vacuum cleaner.


This vacuum cleaner passes all standard appraisals for performance and functionality. To ensure the longevity of the Hoover, comply with the operating instructions from the manufacturers.

The Oreck XL2100RHS Upright vacuum cleaner ticks the right buttons for the most-demanding high-pile carpet. First of all, this vacuum cleaner comes with a robust 12-inch wide filter head. This feature allows you to clean large areas on the first pass. The handle of the Oreck Upright is user-friendly and comes with some control buttons for easy operation. Innovative floor adjustments modulators ensure that you can move from cleaning your high-pile carpets to other surfaces, in a smooth transition.

Features and Benefits

  • The Oreck features a multi-surface cleaning backed up with Microsweep innovation.
  • The Oreck is versatile with a 35 Foot long cord.
  • This vacuum cleaner achieves high cleaning seeds with a high-Speed Roller Brush.
  • The Oreck is structured ergonomically with a sleek and low-profile design.
  • It comes with edge brushes located on the sides of the Oreck.


  • It is light-weight and portable.
  • It has an extendable cord, 35 feet in length.
  • The Oreck generates good suction power.
  • The Oreck has a sturdy build.
  • This vacuum cleaner removes pet’s hair efficiently.


• Some users complained about loose electrical wirings and connections.

• You may need to replace the belt after some uses.


The Oreck lives up to its billing of being commercial. You can achieve massive amounts of cleaning time with this vacuum cleaner. If you have pets, then the Oreck will serve you in good stead.

The Dyson Ball Upright Vacuum Cleaner comes from years of research and development from the Dyson stable. It is especially suited for thick and lush carpets and rugs. The enabling technology behind the Dyson is the Radial Root Cyclone proprietary system. This system lets you achieve cleaner high-pile carpets after every scrub. This system also comes with a self-adjusting cleaner head, ultra-sleek HEPA filtration module as well as ball technology. The Dyson possess stiff nylon bristles for a firm scrub and clean.

Features and Benefits

• The Dyson Ball Technology enables you to clean out odd areas.

• The Dyson has a filtration capacity of up to 90 percent particulate retention.

• This vacuum cleaner ensures precision cleaning with a self-adjusting cleaner head.

• The Dyson gets rid of accumulated dirt with the flick of a button.

• The Dyson keeps suction over thick carpets and hard floors.


• The Dyson generates a significant amount of suction force.

• The Dyson is well built and sturdy

• It is easy to assemble.

• It is portable.

• It is easy to maneuver.


• The extension for the attachments gets stiff sometimes.

• The wiring harness comes loose sometimes.


The Dyson is a well- built vacuum cleaning machine. It shows its versatility over some surfaces and carpets. Ensure that parts and accessories are in excellent work condition. A suitable bargain should include a warranty period for the vacuum cleaner.

How to choose best vacuum for high pile carpet

Your high pile carpets are at the center of much activity and traffic. Therefore, these carpets need special care and attention. This attention borders on proper cleaning and maintenance using the most appropriate vacuum cleaners.

While there some models and designs available in the market, you will need to have a set of guidelines to guide your purchase of a vacuum cleaner.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. Decide on the type of Vacuum Cleaner you want

There are two kinds of vacuum cleaners in the market: the bagged vacuum and the non-bagged vacuum. Both varieties function efficiently. Your choice of vacuum cleaner for your high-pile carpet is dependent on factors such as regularity of cleaning, carpet type among others.

2. Do you go for a Canister or Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Again, these two models are useful in their right. However, a canister vacuum cleaner shows more versatility. Canister vacuum cleaners also thoroughly clean high-pile carpets.

3. Do the Amps rating matter?

From experience, users state that the Amperage reading of the vacuum cleaner is not so consequential. The voltage rating is only an indication of the amount of electricity that your selected filter consumes when at work.

The key performance indicators you should look out for include the suction power, airflow parameters, structural design among others.

4. Consider Attachments and Accessories

Your ideal vacuum cleaner for your high-pile carpet must be versatile and multi-functional. Accessories and attachments help your filter achieve efficient cleaning. These parts are necessary when you are dealing with not only high-pile carpets but also other surfaces.

Ensure that your typical carpet vacuum cleaner comes with other parts such as a motorized power nozzle, floor brush, dusting brush and crevice tool among others.

5. Height of the Nozzle adjustment

Your ideal high pile carpet cleaner should be designed to allow for the adjustment of the nozzle. This feature is essential when you are moving from one carpet to another with different heights. The vacuum cleaner should be functional enough to let you clean a variety of surfaces effectively and efficiently.

6. Ascertain the Filtration System in place

Your vacuum clean releases minute particles or particulates into the air, during cleaning. Your ideal vacuum cleaner must possess the capability of entrapping these particles to prevent their release into the atmosphere. These particulates might cause allergic reactions in some people.

Hence, you should check out the kind of filtration system obtainable in your vacuum cleaner. Present day filters utilize the HEPA filtration system. This system achieves 99.97 percent removal and entrapment of particulates.

Some other important tips you should consider are:

• How often will you vacuum your high-pile carpets?

• How often will your ideal cleaner require maintenance work?

Final Verdict

Your high-pile carpets need constant care and attention. Procuring a great vacuum cleaner is the first step in the process. Ensure you make purchases from reputable manufacturers. A grand bargain should include a warranty period as well as the availability of parts and accessories.

Adhere to all operational instructions and guides for your vacuum cleaner. This act will not only prolong the service life of the cleaner but will also ensure that your high-pile carpets retain their shine and structural integrity. Your best vacuum for high pile carpet are just a purchase away from you.