Best Carpet Cleaning Products

Numerous households have already opted for a carpeted floor instead of hardwood, mainly because having a carpet installed in your house instead of hardwood would cost less.

Keeping your carpets clean may be a tough thing to do, especially when you have children and pets in your household. Having stains and dirt in your carpet is inevitable, and would sometimes take a lot of your time and effort just to have it look as good as new again.

Since your carpet is definitely not immune to stains from spilled beverage or food, urine from your toddlers and pets, and infuriating dirt from outside your home, you may have to clean it every now and then. Having a dirty carpet inside your house would immediately catch your visitors’ attention and would make the interiors of your home not as good-looking as it used to be.

Cleaning your carpets could be a handful, especially if you’re not knowledgeable about the right equipment and methods to remove the stains on it. The machines you will use will differ depending on the type of stain that is on your carpet; the methods differ for lipstick stains, pet or child urine, or maybe the accumulated dirt from the people that come and go over time.

Lucky for you, I’ve got just the right knowledge that I’m more than willing to share. Knowing and familiarizing with these will make the carpet cleaning process easier than you’d expect it to be, and you’ll have your carpet look as if it was just newly-bought.


If you have a pet inside your household, its fur would most likely be all over your carpeted floor. Your carpet could also be tarnished from the dirt your fur friend’s paws have because of running in your front or backyard and immediately going inside the house after.

Using a vacuum would be the perfect trick to remove these dust and dirt. However, keep in mind that vacuums can be manufactured differently for hardwood and carpeted floors. It’s best to choose a vacuum that would go well with your carpet. If your carpet is newly-bought, you could ask your provider if they have any recommendations on what type of vacuum to use.

If you’re at a tight budget, we recommend using the EUREKA PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. It’s promising enough and will be able to get rid of all the dust and dirt that your carpet has gathered.


If you’re looking for a less expensive item to use for cleaning your carpets, then you might opt for equipping yourself with a carpet sweeper. Most of the carpet sweepers in the market are budget-friendly. Despite costing less, it still aims to provide its best services and make your carpet look extra spotless than what you’d expect it to be.

To add on, sweepers are lightweight and would be easy to store in any corner of your house. Unlike other items and machines used for cleaning, a sweeper is child-friendly, as well. It’s safe for children to utilize, and you wouldn’t have to worry about your child finding and to use it out of nowhere.

If you think a carpet sweeper would be the best for you, then I’d suggest you opt for the Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet and Floor Sweeper. This sweeper could also work well for hardwood and is also portable.

Carpet Stain Remover

Have you ever had your carpet stained by accidental coffee or food spills, or perhaps be deteriorated by annoying lipstick stains as well? A small stain could affect the whole look of your carpet over time, so it’s best that you tend to it right away. If you’re aiming for a particular spot on your carpet, I’d recommend using a stain remover for it.

If you’ve decided to use a stain remover, then you’ll need to know which kind would suit your taste well. Primarily, there are liquid and powder stain removers.

What makes them different is that liquid stain removers do well with removing small stained spots in your carpet, but will make this spot of your carpet moist for a few moments. In comparison to powdered removers, you’ll apply this item on the stain, leave it as it is for a few minutes before vacuuming it after; it can take some time, but powdered removers are still effective.

The best stain remover in the market would be the Resolve High Traffic Area Carpet Foam, as it is able to remove even the toughest of all stains your carpeted floor or stairs come to have.

Carpet Shampoo

It is known that shampooing your carpet provides a deeper clean for it and can even maintain your carpet’s beautiful physique for a longer period of time.

You can use carpet shampoos for any type of dirt that your carpet has. May it is accumulated dust and soil, crayon marks from your children, or dark spots from spills, a carpet shampoo is sure to have your back. Keep in mind that there are various kinds of carpet shampoo/shampooer available on the market.

The powdered and liquid stain removers that have already been mentioned are also considered as carpet shampoos. There are also spray cleaners, which work best with spot stains. You can spray on the spill on your carpet, tend to it, then leave it for a moment before vacuuming it up.

Using foam spray carpet shampoos would be the same with spray cleaners. The only difference is that foam shampoos come in foam. Lastly, there are also specialized cleaners, which would be the most useful for stains that stink.

Carpet Cleaning Solution

Sure, there are a variety of carpet cleaning solution products in the market, some of which are more effective than the others, while some could be bought at a lower cost. Imagine getting two of these (effective and budget-friendly carpet cleaning solution) at once. You may not believe it, but you can get this type of cleaning solution just at home!

Solutions work well with any type of stain on your carpet. If you’d want to make your carpeted floor look as new again, you can opt for using a cleaning solution, as well. When deciding what cleaning solution to buy, I’d suggest you opt for handmade or DIY ones instead, as it would only cost you around one dollar for one gallon – and that’s already a lot!

You could opt for detergent, ammonia, vinegar, and solvent solutions. You could use all of these by dipping a white cloth in it before applying it to the stained area. You could apply these cleaning solutions by repeatedly dabbing it on the spot.

Car Carpet Cleaner

Your car’s carpet wouldn’t stay the same if you just let it be. Like any other object, if not properly taken care of, it could also be damaged from spots and stains and could make it look older than it actually is. If you do take care of your car’s carpet, though, then expect that you’d be greeted by a fresh-looking carpet whenever you step inside your vehicle.

Just like your house’s carpets, as well, your car’s carpet isn’t immune to stains. It could be damaged from spilled food during drive-through meals, or maybe the dirt that came with your footwear the moment you stepped in. By cleaning it regularly, you could avoid having your car’s carpet look worn out.

The CarGuys Premium Super Cleaner is the topmost suggested when it comes to car carpet cleaners. It is free from risks and is water-based, making it free from odor issues.

Pet Stain Remover

Of course, you love your pets, no matter how much they may stain your carpet with food or dirt, especially with urine from puppies or animals that haven’t been properly trained yet. This may be troublesome for you and your carpet, but it’s not like you could do anything else aside from cleaning it, right? (Of course, you could also train your furry friend)

Removing your pet’s stain while also making your carpet look as good as new may be a bit tough, but with the right products, you’re sure to have it done in no time. The most recommended item on the market would be the Nature’s Miracle Advanced Pet Trigger Sprayer.

You could simply remove the pet stains by spraying the remover on the smudge and wipe it away. Your carpet is guaranteed to look as good as new, with no odors left behind, as well.

Carpet Steam Cleaner

If you have enough budgets and enough space to store a machine, then investing in a carpet steam cleaner would definitely be worth it. Especially with wall-to-wall carpeting, since it’s more likely to be stained and look worn out immediately.

Carpets need to be looked after and be cleaned regularly. Most households would contact a professional cleaner and have the job done for them. Some households prefer contacting help because of the equipment these professional cleaners use, but I assure you that owning a machine yourself will cost you less money over the long run.

Carpet steam cleaners are easy to assemble and use, and could make your carpet look as clean and pristine as you first bought it.