Best Carpet for Kid's Room

Thus, it is important to adorn your home with the best carpet for kids. These carpets should be robust enough to withstand the stress and strains of daily use. They should also be easy to clean. Safety is paramount so that kids can continue to express creativity, without hindrance.

best carpet for kidsAlmost everybody loves kids, and many families are complete when kids are born. Kids bring energy and laughter to a home; moreover, they remind us of the times when we were young. They play, dance, sing, say and behave in the most unexpected of ways.These levels of activity by kids come with a price. You can expect misplaced items, upturned furniture as well as dirt/litter around the home. The carpeting in your home usually suffers the most. It will receive kids’ muddy foot stamps, dropped food particles as well as other unwanted debris.

This article will beam the light on the five carpets suitable for kids’ rooms and play areas. You will be able to make informed choices when purchasing your next carpet for your kids

Best carpet for kids -Comparison


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learning carpets city life play for kids

Learning Carpets City Life Play


foamily kids rug street map

Foamily Kids Rug Street Map

Nylon Loop Pile

play platoon kids play car rugs

Play Platoon Kids Play Car Rug

High-quality polyester

well woven geometric accent rug

Well Woven Geometric Accent Rug


Actcut super soft rugs for kids

ACTCUT Super Soft Rug



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learning carpets city life play for kids The Learning Carpets City Life Play Carpet is your one-stop shop for a carpet that meets your kids’ needs. First off, this rug can serve as an educational tool. It comes with places and events that kids will encounter in daily life. These include hospitals, fire stations, and the post-office among others. Also, the road marks on the carpets provide your kids with the space to play with cars, trains and other vehicles.

The Learning Carpets rug is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, so your kids can have fun at any time and any place.

Features and Benefits

  • The Learning Carpets City Life is of superb quality.
  • This carpet comes with a skid-proof latex covering.
  • The carpet is resistant to soil markings and other stains
  • It has a high inflammability rating
  • It meets all ASTM safety standards and codes
  • It can withstand rugged use, wear and tear.
  • It can accommodate two kids.


  • Users enjoy its compact size.
  • The colors of the Learning Carpets City life play are sharp
  • The design of the carpet is bright
  • It is easy to roll out and to store.
  • It is durable and has a great texture
  • The rubber backing of the Learning carpet prevents slippage.


  • Some customers complained of missing features on the carpet.
  • Some users complained about some dull colors on the carpet.


This carpet comes with the needs of parents and kids in mind. It is easy to wash (even with a washing machine) and resistant to stains. Your kids will play and learn at the same time with this carpet.

To enjoy this carpet, I will recommend a close examination of your buy on receipt. This action is to ensure that it has all the features advertised by the manufacturer.

foamily kids rug street mapThe Kids Rug Street Map carpet is another quality entrant in my list carpets for kids. For starters, this carpet takes safety measures to high standards. It comes from a high-quality, soft nylon loop pile with thick cushions and a non-slip finish. This carpet is also stain and soil resistant. Thus you do not have to cringe when your kids come running through the door.

The Kids Rug Street Map will tutor your kids. It features puzzles and mazes that will teach your kids useful lessons about life.

Features and Benefits

  • The Kids Rug Street Map is machine-washable.
  • It is stain-resistant.
  • It is easy to vacuum.
  • The carpet comes with a non-skid rubber back.
  • It features bright and engaging colors.


  • It is thick and stays in place.
  • It can accommodate up to four kids at a time.
  • It is easy to roll out and to store.
  • Users commended the thickness of the carpet.
  • It is affordable.


  • Some users complained about the carpet having an uneven thickness at some points.

The Kids Rug Street Map is a suitable tool for your kids to learn and play. It comes in a variety of colors. You can not only capture the attention of your kids but also to complement the aesthetics of your room. I recommend this carpet for matching affordability with quality.

play platoon kids play car rugsYou should look no further than Kids Play Car Rug for your children to learn and play all at once. The features of this carpet for kids are outstanding. The carpet comes with a lot of vivid colors and detailed imagery that will spur the creative onus of your kid. The carpet features roads, tracks, and trails. For toys such as cars, trains, airplanes, diggers among other play items. These features aim to keep your kid engaged and inspired to do new things.

Features and Benefits

  • The carpet itself is soft and comfortable
  • The carpet engenders creativity and analytic thinking in kids.
  • The carpet protects kids from hard floors.
  • The carpet is soft.
  • It is durable.


  • The carpet stays in place when kids play on it.
  • It is easy to roll up and store away.
  • The nonslip backing is efficient.
  • There are no unusual smells/odors.
  • The carpet’s binding is well made.
  • The art illustrations are vivid and detailed.


  • Some users noted that the carpet could be thinner in some areas.
  • Some buyers complained about the poor quality of the carpet’s material.


The Kids Play Car Rug is a sure pick if you desire functionality mixed with affordability. The compact size of this kid’s carpet means that you save up on much-needed space in your home. Your kid is safe with an effective and efficient non-slip backing on the carpet. The icing on the cake is the bright colors and vivid illustrations on the carpet.

well woven geometric accent rugThe Geometric Accent Rug is your one of a kind carpet that is for active kids. One of its main features is its thickness, at 0.4 inches. This feature provides safety to your kids as they play on the carpet. The carpet is also durable because it is from polypropylene. The material gives it the needed toughness to endure the wear and tear, from everyday use. The Geometric Accent Rug also steals the show with its multi-colored visage. It appeals to adult and kid alike.

Features and Benefits

  • It measures 3.5 feet by 5 feet. This arrangement provides ample space for 2 or more people.
  • The carpet's energetic colors complement the ambience of your room.
  • ​It is easy to clean.
  • ​It is easy to vacuum.
  • It is stain resistant.
  • The Geometric Accent Rug maintains its shine over long periods.
  • It is soft to the touch.
  • It comes in four variants.


  • The carpet has 100 percent jute backing which is suitable for wood surfaces.
  • The edges of the Geometric Accent Rug hemmed for increased durability
  • The edges of this carpet do not curl up.
  • easy to clean dirt and debris
  • It provides excellent cushioning.
  • It is easy to spot clean.


  • It does not come with anti-skid backing.


The Geometric Accent Rug is a good trade-off in quality for the money spent. The multi-colored boxes illustrated on the carpet are the main attraction. The colors also blend with the decorations and walls of any room or space.

I would recommend using the Geometric Accent Rug indoors. Besides, you should also not bleach or wash the carpet with a machine.

Actcut super soft rugs for kids The Actcut Super Soft Rug rounds up my review of the top five carpets for kids. It will appeal to those who are conscious of the environment, as it comes from safe processes. The texture and softness of the rug make it ideal for winter. It comes from synthetic material which accounts for its durability.

Features and Benefits

  • It is 4.5cm thick.
  • It is suitable for use as a home decoration.
  • The Actcut Super Soft Rug comes with a skid-proof feature.
  • It is easy to wash and keep clean.
  • It is spacious for use by the entire family.


  • It is ideal for use in kid’s rooms.
  • It works best with cleaner.
  • It has useful backing.
  • The color of the Actcut is energizing.
  • It comes with adequate padding


  • Some users complained of uneven thickness along parts of the carpet.


The Actcut Super soft rug is ideal for families that want to keep their kids safe from all the elements. Including the weather. The color of the rug is the main attraction, especially for kids. You can place this rug in any part of your home and be assured that it will serve you well.

You should consider spot cleaning and vacuum for this rug, to maintain its shine and luster.

How to choose the best carpet for kids

Kids differ in character, mentality and energy levels. This disparity in behavior means that what works for parent A may not be the right course of action for Parent B. These nuances will come to play a major role in selecting the right carpets for your kids, for work, and at play.

But, there are a few standard points of reference that can guide your choice of the right carpet for your kid. They are as follows:

Carpet Material

There are four main fiber categories to choose. They include wool, nylon, polypropylene and triexta. These materials have their pros and cons. Take wool for instance. While it has the best insulating property and high durability; it is very hard to clean, and it could also harbor triggers for various allergies.

Carpet Structure

You will decide to go for carpets that come in a cut/plush pile or those that come in a loop pile. The former is softer and more comfortable for kids to sit or play in. The loop pile carpet is thinner than the cut but usually, has a greater resistance to wear and tear.

Carpet Colour.

It is indisputable that kids are stimulated by brilliant colors and schemes. Thus the color of your carpet should form an important part of your selection process. You should go for colors that will attract and maintain the interest of your kids. Besides, the colors should be resistant to fading and be easy to clean.

Some other important tips to consider include:

  • Where will you place the carpet? Will it be at home or in school? This factor should help you decide the features to pick including durability and resistance to stains, wear and tear.
  • Select a carpet that is under a warranty scheme from the manufacturers.

Final Verdict

Your goal as a parent/guardian is to provide a safe environment for your kids to learn and play. An important part of this provision covers carpets/rugs that offer safety and security. In the same breadth, modern innovations in carpet-making mean they can also serve as a learning tool as well.

In choosing carpets for kids, you must consider factors such as base material, price, ease of cleaning, safety features amongst others.

Other important points to note include investigating the history of the manufacturer. You can also get feedback from users of the products.

These five best carpet for kids have passed basic standards for safety. These carpets also have educational and entertainment values, so your kids are engaged on both levels.

I hope you will make your preferred choice after a careful consideration of all the features and functionalities of each carpet.