Best Carpet Shampoo

best carpet shampoosCaring for your rug is a life-long process. Carpets are bought to serve for as long as possible. One of the means of prolonging the service life of your carpet is using best carpet shampoos. These shampoos must not only get rid of dirt and stains; they must also protect the fibers of the carpet. There are many brands of carpet shampoos in the market. Selecting a carpet shampoo that serves your needs should come from sound judgment. This article provides insight to help you make the best choices.

Best carpet shampoos in 2018- Comparison

Product PictureProduct NameNature Of ContentWeight (oz) Action





Bissell 78H6BDouble Concentrated48 Scotchguard/


Triple Action cleaning

Hoover AH30330NFBiodegradable and Non-toxic64 Cleaning by Dilution 
Bubbas SHAMPOOConcentrated32 Commercial grade cleaning 
Hoover 2X PetPlusBiodegradable and Non-toxic32 Proprietary Advanced formula 
Nature's MiracleBio-enzymatic agents64 Low-foam Action 

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The Bissell 78H6B is at the top of the list of quality carpet shampoos. Bissell has a solid reputation in the carpet shampoo industry, and this product stems from years of research and development. This carpet shampoo not only cleans your carpets, but they also serve to protect them as well.The Bissell 78H6B comes with a host of features that include:

Features and Benefits

  • The Bissell 78H6B comes formulated with a cleaning concentration twice stronger than those of its peers.
  • The Bissell 78H6B features ScotchGuard protection. This protection ensures that carpets are cleaner and have long-lasting luster.
  • This carpet shampoo delivers a triple –action cleaning path. It cleans your carpets; it protects your carpets and guards against odor retention.
  • The Bissell 78H6B is environmentally-friendly. It is certified safe for use by the EPA.
  • This carpet shampoo is suited for use with vacuum cleaners and other deep-cleaning machines.


  • The shampoo has a nice after-scent.
  • The Bissell 78H6B is effective against old stains.
  • This carpet shampoo neutralizes odors.
  • A little quantity of this shampoo covers a wide area.


  • Some users complained of an oily residue after usage.


The Bissell 78H6B is an effective carpet shampoo. It is backed by patented technology and is gentle on your carpet. To obtain the most of this carpet shampoo, users recommend you make a forward and back pass to get the shampoo out; then a forward and back pass to extract the water. Also, you should adhere to the mixing ratio stipulated by the manufacturers.

The Hoover is another reputable name in the carpet shampoo industry. This product runs on proprietary technology and passes all relevant tests and standards. Your carpets will turn out clean and shinny with this shampoo. The exciting features of the Hoover AH30330NF include:

Features and Benefits

  • The Hoover AH30330NF cleaner concentrate is twice as high as other brands.
  • This shampoo leaves a clean and fresh linen smell on the carpet.
  • The Hoover AH30330NF is safe for the environment as it is 100percent bio-degradable.
  • The shampoo is non-toxic.
  • The Hoover works with a variety of vacuum cleaners.
  • The Hoover is suitable for use on carpets, rugs, upholstery and car seats.


  • The Hoover AH30330NF is deep-cleaning.
  • This carpet shampoo acts quickly.
  • The Hoover AH30330NF has a vigorous and pleasant smell.
  • This carpet shampoo works well with Hoover Vacuum cleaners.
  • It is effective against pet droppings.


  • Users complained that shampoo took a little time to wash off the carpet.


The Hoover AH30330NF is a good pick for your carpet cleaning needs. It is bio-degradable and non-toxic. Hence you do not have to worry about kids or pets being in harm’s way. For best results, experienced users recommend using a 70/30 ration of water to concentrate in your cleaning. You should adhere to other guidelines for use, as stipulated by the producers of this carpet shampoo.

The Bubbas Super Steamer is another sterling entrant in the carpet shampoo sector. This carpet shampoo is suited for carpets prone to heavy traffic and usage. The concentrate is formulated to clean vast carpet areas with a little quantity.

Features and Benefits

  • The Bubba Super Steamer Shampoo has not only cleaning property; it also revitalizes the fibers of your carpet.
  • The active ingredients in the shampoo help to improve indoor air quality.
  • This carpet shampoo prolongs carpet service life.
  • The Bubba Super effectively rids your carpets of pet odors and stains.
  • The shampoo’s gentle formula guarantees the color and texture of your carpets.
  • The Bubbas is long-lasting and economical; 1 ounce of the concentrate works with a gallon of water.
  • The Shampoo has active ingredients that prevent the build –up of allergens and bacteria.


  • The Bubbas Shampoo commercially graded and safe for human use.
  • This shampoo eliminates soil particles from carpets.
  • It has a long-lasting fragrance.
  • Users commended the fast-acting nature of the shampoo.


  • Some buyers complained about the cleaner not generating adequate foam during use.


The Bubbas Shampoo is designed to get the dirt and smell out of your carpet. It is useful in keeping out pets’ hair from your carpets. For heavy stains and trafficked areas, some users recommend that you wash the areas a couple of times. Also, you should adhere to the mixing ratio as advised by the manufacturers.

The Hoover 2X PetPlus has a lot of properties that make it an excellent carpet shampoo. First off, this shampoo comes with patented enzymes, which makes it an effective cleaner. The strength of the concentrate is enhanced so that you can tackle the toughest of carpet stains.

Features and Benefits

  • The Hoover 2X PetPlus leaves a fresh cotton breeze scent after use.
  • The Hoover is formulated to remove tough stains, dirt, and grime effectively.
  • It is ideal for heavily-trafficked areas.
  • The constituent ingredients are bio-degradable.
  • The Hoover 2X PetPlus is non-toxic.
  • This carpet shampoo’s proprietary formula prevents re-soiling.


  • The Hoover 2X PetPlus gets of stains and odors after a few passes.
  • It is suitable for tackling pet droppings and vomit.
  • This shampoo preserves the fibers of the carpet.
  • The Hoover leaves a pleasant smell after use.
  • It is economical and long-lasting.
  • This shampoo foams generously.


  • Some users complained of a scaly residue on carpets.


The Hoover 2XPetPlus is a quality product at a bargain price. Pet owners will find this shampoo a great tool in keeping their homes/office clean and fresh. Users recommend that sticking to the appropriate mixing ratio of water to concentrate for the best results. Also, you may have to make a few more passes over areas that are heavily-trafficked. Bear in mind that this shampoo should be kept out of the reach of young ones and pets.

Nature’s Miracle Carpet Shampoo employs natural ingredients to enable you to get the best from your cleaning. The shampoo is versatile as it can be used with a variety of carpet cleaning machines. Your carpet is restored and preserved with Nature’s Miracle Carpet Shampoo.

Features and Benefits

  • Nature’s Miracle has a low-foaming coefficient. You can wash more with less.
  • This carpet shampoo works well with any water-based carpet cleaning machine.
  • Nature’s Miracle deep-acting ingredients lock in dirt, stains and allergens. A patented technology ensures this shampoo effectively removes dirts/stains completely.
  • Constituent Bio-enzymes trap and remove odors and smells.
  • Nature’s Miracle Carpet Shampoo preserves the colour scheme of your carpets.
  • This Shampoo works well on upholstery fibres.


  • This shampoo leaves a refreshing scent after use.
  • It keeps carpets protected for as long as possible from getting stained again.
  • Nature’s Miracle works efficiently for spot cleaning.
  • The shampoo is economical for use.


  • Some users complained about its slow pace of action.


For people who love the environment, Nature’s Miracle Carpet Shampoo is the way to go. It is useful in masking pets’ odors and smells. For best results, you should adhere to the usage instructions set-out by the manufacturers. Older users advocate giving the shampoo a little more time to get your carpet cleaner and fresher.

How to choose your Best Carpet Shampoos

With carpets adorning much of the floor space in your home, they will retain dirt and stains. Hence your carpets need frequent cleaning. You will have to choose between renting and buying. It is, however, economical for you to buy the best carpet cleaning solution. If there kids and pets present, then you will need to clean your carpets as a matter of necessity.

There are many brands of carpet shampoos that are available in the market today. Each comes with unique features and properties. You will have to settle for one that meets your needs and demands. The following tips will guide you in choosing your best carpet shampoo:

1. Go for economical usage

You should select a carpet shampoo that gives your extra mileage on usage. A good brand should be formulated on mixing ratios that see a little quantity of the concentrate work effectively with a larger portion of water.

2. Be conscious of the environment

While you want your carpets clean and fresh, you should also take into consideration the effects of cleaning on the environment. Your choice in carpet shampoo must feature constituents that are easily bio-degradable and non-toxic. In effect, your carpet shampoo must be safe for your kids and pets as well.

3. Note the Product pH

The acidity/alkaline level of your carpet shampoo plays a significant role in the efficient cleaning of your carpet. An acid based carpet shampoo solution ranks 1 to 5 on the pH scale. For alkaline solutions, you obtain readings of between 6 to 10 and higher. Depending on the structural make-up of your carpets, go for a suitable carpet shampoo with the corresponding pH scale reading.

4. Know the type of carpet material

Knowledge of the carpet material solves half of the problems associated with choosing the right carpet shampoo. If your carpet is from synthetic materials like nylon, olefin, polyester and acrylic, you can use very aggressive shampoo solutions. Carpets from natural fibers like wool, silk or sisal require a gentler formula to ensure the longevity of the rug. Your selected carpet shampoo should be able to work a broad range of carpet material types.

5. Cleaning Method Employed

Will you be spot cleaning by hand? Or will you employ vacuum machines to get your carpets clean? Is hot water extraction appropriate for your carpet? Or will low-moisture cleaning carry the day?

The process of cleaning your carpet should play a prominent role in determining what carpet shampoo to use. Look for a brand that achieves the same result whether you spot-clean by hand or you use a vacuum cleaner.

The following considerations should also guide your final decision:

  • Does your carpet shampoo fall into the allowable pH range?
  • Will your preferred carpet shampoo clean any carpet fiber?
  • Does your carpet shampoo eliminate the need for extra cleaning products and spotters?
  • Is it certified safe for the environment, users and pets?

Final Verdict

Choosing your best carpet shampoos should not pose a challenge when you have the right information. many brands in the market have features/properties that you should analyze thoroughly. The kind of carpet is another important consideration in the equation.

Whether you spot-clean your carpets, use vacuum cleaners or use a combination of the two, ensure that you adhere to the usage instructions of the manufacturers. As a socially responsible individual, select products that are environmentally friendly; whose by-products will not adversely affect the ecosystem. Finally, choose a carpet shampoo that offers a common ground between effectiveness and affordability.