Best Car Carpet Cleaners

best car carpet cleanersCaring for your car interior should be given as much attention as caring for the exterior. However, most car owners tend to neglect this. Most people have the notion that looking for the best car carpet cleaners and cleaning a car carpet is a waste of time and effort. On the contrary, carpet cleaning is an essential cleaning routine for any car owner. Otherwise, dirt ingrains deeper and deeper into the car mats, eventually wearing out the fibers, which lowers the fabric’s quality and makes them stain more easily. What’s more, dirt scratches the fiber of carpets which ultimately reduces the sheen over time!

If you’ve got a dirty car, there is certainly no limit to cleaning options. However, even for car owners who are conversant with the relevance of keeping their car carpets clean, they often ponder about the right way to do it. Well, undoubtedly, the first step is to vacuum the carpet this allows you to remove as much loose dirt as possible.

After that, car owners ought to use a good car carpet cleaner for a thorough job. If you don’t own a vacuum cleaner already, the Amor All Vacuum is a must have cleaning companion.

To find out what makes this vacuum cleaner stand out as well as the best carpet cleaners available in the market, keep reading.


Armor All AA255 Vacuum

Armor All AA255 VacuumMost users of the exceptional Armor All Wet/Dry Vacuum, AA255 have nothing but praises for this one of a kind vacuum cleaner. With the Armor All 2.5 Gallon, 2 Peak HP, Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum, AA255, you get a handy machine with a Powerful 2 Peak HP motor that can collect any debris on the interior of your car at an astounding speed.

Speaking of power, you can use this vacuum to pick both dry and wet debris. Plus with an auto shut-off feature you need not worry about it overflowing once it’s full.


  • The Armor All Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum, AA255 comes with a 10 feet long cord along with a 6-foot hose. You are thus assured to reach all the nooks and crannies thus no need for an extension cord.
  • This shop vacuum is large enough (2.5 gallons) to accommodate an enormous amount of debris without the need of constantly emptying it.
  • The Armor All Utility Vacuum Cleaner comes with some useful accessories including a Detail Brush, Blower Nozzle, Reusable Cloth Filter, Reusable Foam Sleeve, Deluxe Car Nozzle, and 2 in 1 Utility Nozzle and a Crevice Tool.


  • The Armor All Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum, AA255 Prevents overflowing.
  • It is large enough to accommodate a huge amount of debris.
  • One year warranty.
  • Affordable price.
  • Can convert to a blower.
  • The Armor All Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum, AA255 features a noise diffuser for quiet operation.
  • No assembly required.


  • Cannot plug into the car.


I would recommend this vacuum cleaner to any persons looking for a handy equipment to quickly clean the vehicle carpet and pick up loose dust fast. Moreover, this vacuum cleaner is a great option for anyone who is looking for a neat feature always to keep their car in good condition while on the go.

Carpet Cleaners

While it might be hard to beat the ease and performance of a car vacuum cleaner, sometimes using a vacuum cleaner is just not practical. The presence of stains, spots and odor pose grounds for a carpet cleaner machine.

A carpet cleaner is a massive investment, more so, a GOOD carpet cleaner can do you a lot of good. Not only will it save you time but money too in the long run.

Sadly, with so much variety in the market; knowing the type of carpet cleaner to choose is just one impediment, sifting through the duds out there to find the best car carpet cleaner for your vehicle and individual needs is just something else. For this reason, I took the liberty of doing the heavy work for you, so you don’t have to.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best carpet cleaning machines you would be proud to own for your valued car.

Best car carpet cleaners - Comparison


Product Name

Author Rating

Check Price

Armor All AA255 Vacuum

Armor All AA25

Tuff Stuff Cleaner

Tuff Stuff Cleaner

Chemical Guys CWS 103

Chemical Guys CWS_103

nature's miracle

Nature’s Miracle

Meguiars G9719

Meguiar's G9719


Blue Magic 900

Recommended Product Reviews

1. Tuff Stuff Cleaner

Tuff Stuff CleanerThe Tuff Stuff Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner is at the top of this review and for good reasons. Having been a best seller in its category, the Tuff Stuff Multi-purpose foam cleaner earned itself a good reputation for its ability to deliver dynamic results on even the toughest jobs.

With its deep cleaning action, the Tuff Stuff Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner can lift dirt on profuse surfaces including but not limited to automotive surfaces, carpets floor mats, and vinyl upholstery.


  • The Tuff Stuff Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner works wonders on any painted or washable surface.
  • Distinctively designed to be a deep cleaning foaming action cleaner.
  • This Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner contains no hint of fluorocarbons, or phosphates, therefore, proving to be a safe option for use.


  • Easily lifts dirt on various surfaces.
  • This carpet cleaner restores the luster and color of surfaces.
  • The Tuff Stuff Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner is a heavy duty stain remover.
  • This solution filter is an excellent option for the boat, auto, and home use.
  • A handy cleaner solution for use on the go.
  • Easy to use even for novices.
  • Inexpensive and extremely efficient.


  • Customers complain that this carpet cleaner may leave some slight residue where it is applied.


The Tuff Stuff Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner works well on tough stains with high chances of getting rid of all of them. For anyone whose car is prone to spills that may result to tough stains, you will find this product invaluable. It would also be a great option for anyone looking to restore the original color and appearance of their fabric.

2. Chemical Guys CWS_103

Chemical Guys CWS 103When enzymatic odor cleaning action meets biodegradable degreaser, pure perfection comes to life. The Chemical Guys CWS_103 is a prominent name in any carpet cleaning company. The rave about this Fabric Clean Carpet Cleaner truly knows no bounds.

The Chemical Guys CWS_103 is known for its fast working action that is tough on stains and gentle on the hands. This solution cleaner proves to be intricately and carefully formulated with an enzymatic odor eliminator which instantly gets rid any hint of odor thus creating long lasting, deep cleaning benefits of biotechnology.


  • The Chemical Guys CWS_103 comes with naturally-occurring microbes which degrade the organic compounds that cause odor, annihilating them for good. You will also be pleased with the sweet fresh scent left behind after cleaning.
  • This Fabric Cleaner can work on tough stains fast restoring the carpet material to a new state.
  • Thanks to the absence of bleach, solvents, ammonia, or color damaging detergent. The Chemical Guys CWS_103 is designed to be extremely safe on the hands and the fabric material.


  • The Chemical Guys CWS_103 is incredibly easy to use.
  • This Fabric Carpet Cleaner is tough no stubborn stains.
  • Formulated with advanced protectants and cleaners.
  • This carpet cleaner wonderfully restores the fabric luster and shine.
  • No hard scrubbing or rubbing the fabric is necessary.
  • The Chemical Guys CWS_103 contains zero harmful or toxic chemicals.


  • This carpet cleaner may take numerous washes to remove a huge stain.


The Chemical Guys CWS_103 works miracles when it comes to lifting dirt to the top of the carpet fabric making it expediently easy to wipe them away. What’s more, this fabric carpet cleaner leaves an amazing fresh scent after a fantastic and thorough work is done.

3. Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover

nature's miracleNature's Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover comes from a company that has established a good name for themselves over the years. Nature's Miracle is a family that loves pets, through the years, this company has dedicated their all, hearts and soul into creating useful products that you can enjoy. In lure to their glory, Nature’s Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover is no exception.

This carpet cleaner is taking up a high tier in our review; for starters, with nature’s ingredients including oxygen boosters and bio-enzymatic agents, it works on tough spots and stains.


  • It has bio-enzymatic odor locking technology that destroys odors to discourage re-soiling.
  • Nature's Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover is guaranteed to eradicate any odors and stains effectively.
  • This carpet cleaner is designed to work on multi-surface areas.


  • Nature's Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover is a multi-purpose cleaner.
  • This carpet cleaner is remarkably easy to use.
  • Effective on stains and spots.
  • one of the fastest carpet cleaning products.
  • It eliminates bad odors.
  • It effectively discourages soiling.


  • Some customers complain that the smell might be too overwhelming.


For any persons looking for a carpet cleaning product specifically for your pet mess made stains and odor, look no further than Nature's Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover. This product works gently on carpet fabrics as well as hard surfaces delivering great results you will be pleased.

4. Meguiar's G9719 Cleaner

Meguiars G9719The Meguiar's G9719 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner comes in at the fourth position in this review and with a lot to offer. For all professional carpet cleaning jobs, tough stains, and spots, The Meguiar's G9719 carpet cleaner promises excellent results.

The most prominent and outstanding feature the Meguiar's G9719 possesses is its deep cleaning power to work on resilient stains. If you care about the smell left behind, you will be pleased to learn that a fresh scent is left behind once the stubborn stains are gone.


  • The Meguiar's G9719 Carpet Cleaner sports a dual purpose spray incredible for stain and spot removal.
  • This carpet cleaner can infiltrate through the carpet fabric and break down the stains easily for quick removal.
  • Due to its fast drying feature, no residue is left behind on the fabric.


  • The Meguiar's G9719 is fast acting and tough on stains.
  • This carpet cleaner proves to be quite easy to use.
  • Fast drying time.
  • Deep cleaning action like no other carpet solution.
  • Leaves carpets feeling like new.
  • This carpet cleaning solution leaves a fresh scent after stain removal.


  • The Meguiar G9719 takes numerous scrubbing on the carpet fabric to remove some tough stains.


Truth be told, it is not easy getting your hands on a rug cleaner solely designed for fast stain removal without the need for numerous washes to obtain the desired results. Thankfully, the Meguiar's G9719 is an exception and delivers great results. Needless to say, this carpet cleaner works on stains fast and efficiently penetrating through fabrics to get rid of tough stains.

5. Blue Magic 900 Carpet Stain & Spot Lifter

Blue-Magic-900To wind up our review is the Blue Magic 900 Carpet Stain & Spot Lifter. Don’t be fooled by its 5th position and dismiss what this great product can do. Speaking of which, many customers who now own the Blue Magic 900 Carpet Stain & Spot Lifter claim to now love carpeting cleaning.

This top of the line carpet cleaner is tickle your fancy when it comes to expedient cleaning and getting rid of tough stains and spots in your car carpet. Whether you are looking for convenience and fast action, you will be pleased with what this exquisite car carpet cleaner has to offer.


  • The Blue Magic 900 Carpet Cleaner allows you to clean up an unexpected mess and aged stain in no time with its stain and spot lifter feature.
  • This carpet cleaner is functional on ample surfaces and does a good job in a myriad of carpet fabrics to deliver amazing results.
  • With its instant spray and working action, not only don’t you need to vacuum the carpet before you clean off the stain but you can quickly wipe away the light debris as they get lifted up to the surface.


  • Best car carpet stain remover and it works instant.
  • Exceptionally easy to use.
  • Multi-purpose stain remover.
  • Works perfectly for water and oil-based stains as well as spots.
  • This carpet cleaning solution works well aged and new stains.


  • Some customers complain that the smell of the Blue Magic 900 is quite strong with nauseating effects.


The Blue Magic 900 Carpet Stain & Spot Lifter is yet another carpet cleaner designed with effectiveness and convenience in mind. At its core, the Blue Magic Carpet Cleaner is perfect for anyone looking for a fast alternative to removing stains.

How to Choose the Best Car Carpet Cleaners: Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the perfect car carpet cleaning solution, it is not easy. Just walk into any store, or even do a quick internet search on the car carpet cleaners. The number of products that will pop up are enough to make your head spin. Other than picking an item based on its attractive packaging, hoping that it will perform as it claims to, it is best to make an ultimate decision with adverse knowledge on your side.

To do this, you need to have in mind what exactly to look out for so as to sift through the clutter and make an informed decision. Below we look at some factors you should consider to choose the car carpet cleaner to suit your needs.

1. Carpet Fiber

Believe it or not, the biggest battle when it comes to cleaning the carpet is knowing the type of carpet fiber you are dealing with. Some carpet cleaner solutions are particularly formulated for specific carpet materials while some are quite versatile.

A good carpet cleaning solution is one that can be used to clean synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon or acrylics as well as natural fibers like silk or wool.

2. Chemicals

A product's pH is measured on a scale of 0 – 14. A Carpet cleaning solutions with a pH of above seven is considered to be alkaline, one with a pH less than seven is deemed to be acidic while one that has a pH of 7 is a neutral product.

A carpet cleaner solution that is within 7 – 10 pH scale range meets the criteria for a good carpet cleaner. This criterion is because it is useful for cleaning and does not damage carpet fibers.

3. Cleaning Method

Carpet cleaning is mainly a two-way operation. Cleaning can either be via little moisture or hot water extraction.

The cleaning method used gives more credit for the end cleaning results than the cleaning product used. The car cleaner is dependent on the choice of cleaning method preferred. While both methods apply different techniques, they are quite useful. And just like many other options, the cleaning method chosen depends on an individual’s car and personal needs.

Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the best car carpet solution is one that can work well in both hot and cold environments. Thereupon, suitable for use in a low moisture cleaning method as well as a hot water extraction method.

Other considerations to have in mind:

  • What kind of stains or dirt are you dealing with? For a carpet cleaner to qualify for the best category, the cleaner must be quite active in any form of job thrown at it no matter, how challenging.
  • Another crucial factor you should consider in a good car carpet cleaner is the product ingredients and safety standards. A good cleaner product should not pose any negative impacts on your health such as containing carcinogenic ingredients, toxic fumes or harsh on the hands.
  • Last but not least, consider the environmental implications of the product. During your research, keep in mind that the more independent third party approvals and certifications from related organizations, the more confidence you should have with that product.

Final Verdict

Carpets are bound to get stained one time or another. Of course, it’s easy to see why this comes about; a lot of mud, rain, snow and dirt tends to be dragged into the car by owners not to mention dogs and children.

In the event of a stain on your vehicle carpet, it is best to attend to it as fast as you can. To do this, you ought to have a good carpet cleaner to help you always keep your car in the best condition. Most times than not, cars don’t need a full interior restoration rather a good carpet cleaning to bring back the new feeling. Luckily, all these is possible with a good carpet cleaner.

The best car carpet cleaners I have reviewed in this article are guaranteed to permanently remove stains and restore the luster into your vehicle’s interior. I hope that you are now more informed about carpet cleaners and you can now make an informed decision. Happy hunting!