How To Clean A Hot Tub By Vacuum Cleaner

how to clean a hot tub by vacuum cleanerEven if you are someone who keeps the hot tub covered all the time when not in use, dirt and the small particulate matter will always find an opportunity to go and settle down on the bottom.

I know it’s always pissing to enter in a hot tub filled with dirt and debris. Moreover, these dirt and debris will also alleviate the lifespan of your tub.

So, in order to increase the lifespan and functioning, it is very important to remove these small dirt and debris by using a vacuum cleaner.

There are various qualities of vacuum cleaners available in the market. You should buy one that fits you best and is comfortable for you.

We’ve researched deeper to help you buy a vacuum cleaner and to tell you the ways to clean your hot tub with a vacuum cleaner.

We know that you have read a lot of best hot tub reviews, then only you have chosen the perfect one for you. So, spend a little more time to read the cleaning guide too that will let you spend more time relaxing in your darling tub.

How To Clean Your Hot Tub With Vacuum Cleaner

Just like any other vacuum cleaner, the hot tub vacuum cleaner uses the suction power to clean up the dirt and debris.

This type of vacuum cleaners are long and sleek and very easy to operate. You just have to put your vacuum cleaner on the small particles and in seconds it would be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.

Make sure the hot tub is completely dry before you start using your vacuum. It is because if the tub is wet, the dirt will stick on its surface and the vacuum cleaner won’t be able to suck it efficiently.

The long and sleek feature allows you to reach the hard parts pretty easily especially the corners where the dirt often accumulates. The head part of the vacuum is small enough to fit in the corner and clean the dirt from there.

In addition to the corners, prefer sucking out the debris from the surface, walls of the hot tub, and near the drain area too.

Benefits of Using A Vacuum Cleaner

  • It will make your hot tub spick and span in a minute. It will clean the small dirt, debris, and other small leaves, twigs and branches that fall inside it.
  • The best vacuum cleaner can suck out the debris even from the deeper parts like the hose pipe, the drain area, and the corners. It is difficult to clean these areas with your hand.
  • Saves a lot of cleaning time. If you clean your hot tub manually, we are sure that you will need 2-3 hours. But with the vacuum cleaner, you will hardly take half an hour to clean your tub thoroughly.
  • It increases the life of your hot tub. If you don’t maintain and clean your tub on a regular basis, the surface walls would start eroding and the drain and hose pipe area would be blocked that will decrease the life and the functioning of your hot tub.

Tips To Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

Here are few tips that will let you clean your hot tub and decrease the cleaning time too.

  • Always before putting the cover on the hot tub, make sure it’s clean. There should be no dirt on it that falls inside when you put it.
  • Before removing the cover clean it and wipe with a cloth so that the dirt collected on it shouldn’t go inside when removing.
  • Most likely your feet collect few debris particles when you come from your house to the hot tub. Believe us; it happens even if you are wearing slippers. If you go inside the tub with these unwanted particles on your feet, the particles will be transferred to the hot tub. So, always wash your feet before entering
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