10 Unexpected Ways You Never Thought to Use Your Vacuum Cleaner

use of vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an essential home maintenance item. It’s very useful for keeping floors clean and free of debris, but did you know there are also many other ways to use your vacuum cleaner? This versatile tool has a variety of different uses around the house. Here are 10 completely unexpected ways to use your favorite vacuum cleaner.

Inflating an air mattress.

The pumps that come with air mattresses aren’t always the most effective, and they’re also small and easy to lose. You can use your vacuum cleaner to inflate your air mattress much more quickly. You’ll need to use a bagged vacuum cleaner. Remove the bag and take the nozzle of the vacuum and hold it to the vent where the air would normally fill the bag up. Then, have someone hold the mattress opening in place while you fill it up.

Finding small lost items.

When you lose a small item, such as an earring or even a small toy, you might be tempted to think you’ll never get it back. However, you can actually find it fairly easily with your vacuum cleaner. Just place an old t-shirt or pair of tights over the hose of the vacuum cleaner and secure it with a rubber band. Then run the hose over the area where you think the lost item may be, and the vacuum will suck it up so you can find it again. Be sure to use a low setting so the fabric doesn’t get sucked up into the vacuum.

Give your home a pleasant scent.

While you vacuum, you can also freshen up your home with essential oils. Pick your favorite essential oil scent and put a few drops on a cotton ball, then put the cotton ball into the vacuum bag. The air flow in the vacuum will release the scent as you use it, so your home will smell clean and look clean.

Remove carpet dents.

Dents in your carpet from furniture or other items can be very frustrating and put a damper on the overall look of a room. To get rid of them, place ice cubes over the carpet dents and wait for them to melt. This small amount of water will soften the carpet fibers so they can move back into place. Quickly vacuum over the spot to pull the carpet fibers back to their original position.

Kill irritating fleas.

Fleas are a common problem for many house pets, particularly cats and dogs that spend time outdoors. There are many chemicals you can use to kill them, but these chemicals can be harsh and you may not want them around your pets and the rest of your family. Instead, just give your floors a thorough vacuuming. A strong vacuum is just as effective in killing fleas, but it’s nowhere near as harsh. Just be sure to empty your vacuum bag in an outdoor trash can once you’re done, as you may have sucked up flea larvae that could still hatch.

Remove crumbs in your kitchen.

Vacuum cleaners aren’t just useful for cleaning the floors, they’re also useful for getting your entire kitchen looking spotless. Crumbs can often get stuck in little crevices in your appliances, in your cabinets, or on your countertops, which can make them difficult to remove. Use your vacuum cleaner’s smallest attachment to suck these crumbs away quickly and effortlessly.

Remove odors from furniture.

Over time, your furniture can start to absorb odors that may be unpleasant, particularly if you have kids or pets. There’s an easy trick you can do with your vacuum to suck up these odors and keep your furniture smelling fresh. Sprinkle a light layer of baking soda over the area that you would like to deodorize, and let it sit for roughly half an hour. Then, use your vacuum cleaner to suck away the baking soda – and the smell. This also works well for carpet, and it helps to remove any dirt or dust on the furniture as well.

Create white noise.

According to topcoolingfan.com, “White noise is very useful for a variety of different things – it can help you fall asleep or even calm a crying child”. A vacuum cleaner creates a perfect neutral noise for this purpose. If you need to soothe a baby or just want to some calming noise in the background, turn your vacuum cleaner on its lowest setting. If you don’t want to actually run your vacuum cleaner for a long period of time, you can also look up vacuum cleaner sounds on YouTube or a similar online platform.

Clean your washing machine.

Lint can pile up in your washing machine’s filter, making it less effective over time. It’s important to clean out your lint filter periodically, but doing this by hand can be unpleasant, and it’s easy to leave lint behind. To clean your machine more effectively, try using your vacuum extension hose to suck up the lint. It takes just a few seconds, and it’s much cleaner than doing it by hand. Vacuums are generally a very effective tool to remove lint – you can use your extension to quickly clean lint of clothing or a piece of furniture as well.you may also clean your car carpet by vacuum.

Keep your computer keyboard clean.

The raised keys on your computer are magnets for crumbs and other debris, and over time, this can really build up into something unpleasant. You can use your vacuum cleaner to keep your computer keyboard clean and free of dust and dirt. While your computer is off, use your vacuum’s smallest attachment and run it gently over the keyboard. This will pull out all the debris. Afterward, go over the keys and the crevices with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove anything left over and sanitize the area.

Vacuum cleaners are incredibly handy household tools with a variety of uses besides just keeping your floors clean. When you have a mess you need to clean up, a vacuum cleaner should be one of your first go-tos for removing dust and dirt and sanitizing the area.

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