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tools for installing carpet

When I moved into my new home in Lagos a few years ago, one of my immediate challenges was the installation of my carpet. Though the idea of calling a handyman or professional to do the job for me was exciting, the question of the costs of hiring one at the time almost scares me to death. I have hardly finished paying the rent and was dead broke. One of my very good friends, John, who, years earlier, was in a similar situation told me how relatively easy it was. It was through John that I got my new apartment in the neighbourhood.Friend, understand that to install a carpet and the tools necessary for such installation is not such an easy task and something someone like me would have loved to pay to avoid. What then can a young man do when the lack of money to pay all his bills gets the better of him? But with persistent efforts and commitments to learning and from my own experience, believe me, you can do it on your own and save some good money for other purposes.Just trust me and read on!

In my new neighbourhood, Michael, an experienced 34-year old gentleman is arguably the best candidate for carpet installation. He was the man my friend, John, learnt carpet installation from. This knowledge was later passed on to me.

As John recounts, Michael was called up for carpet installation by his next-door neighbour. Before then, he has actually never actually seen how the installations get done. But John, out of curiosity, decided to ask him series of questions about the process. Of course, Michael has no idea John is yet to install his carpet. If he had such idea, he would not have been so generous with the information he gave to curious John. Little did he know he was losing more potential customers like me either. He gave John excellent tips about the installation process in exchange for coffee and doughnuts in a nearby restaurant. Poor Michael!

Like I said, the installation process is relatively easy. Just a few steps and you are done. According to Powertoolbuzz , you need some basic tools. I know what you are now thinking. Michael’s tools? Where will they come from? Won’t they cost a fortune? Why should I be penny wise and pounds foolish? Not to worry, my friend. All you will need to do is make friends with someone like Michael who will either gladly loan or rent them to you.

Linoleum knife. To cut the carpets to match several angles, the best tool Michael recommended was the linoleum knife. To do the job perfectly, You can use other tools but this one is my personal favourite not just because John also swore to its efficacy. It helps you to slice the carpet with effortless ease and to match the angles neatly.

Carpet Stretcher. No successful installation can be done without this tool. There are two types of carpet stretcher: “power stretchers” and “knee kickers”. John’s favourite is the power stretcher. This is used for digging into the carpet and stretching it to create the tension to perfectly fit into the position(s) you want it to be. The knee kicker, on its part, does the same thing as the power stretcher, but as John said, “It gives you the best ‘stretch’”. You may have to spend some extra cash if you want to use the power stretcher. I strongly advise you rent one because I am not sure anyone will like to loan the instrument to you for just a coffee!

Large magnet. This tool helps you to “suck up” any staples that may be on the floorboard after you have torn apart the original carpet.

Carpet tape. After you are done seeming all the pieces of carpet together, you will need to use this tape on the underside of the carpet. There are different types in the market you can get but Michael’s favourite is the one that requires heat from an iron or steel.

Bonding iron. This is another important tool. It will help you to heat up the carpet tape to give the two pieces of carpet a perfect fit in your room.

Tool Belt. this is an important tool in carpet installation. This tool often goes with your tool wear, provides you the necessary safety against self-injuries during the installations.Wearing the best tool belt for framers  makes you spend more time working and less time searching for tools during installations.

Is there something I’ve missed? Just go on with the installation with these tools. Best of luck!

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